Social Media Revolution 2011

by Joshua Rigley Banned
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First, watch this video:

After seeing this video, what will you do differently for your marketing? Myself, I plan on using GOOD music for any video I make from now on. Oh wait, I already do.

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    Good music isn't important. Your sales message is the main thing with greatest importance in any sales video.
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      Originally Posted by snni View Post

      Good music isn't important.
      Sorry, but that's wrong. If music wasn't important, then why is it used in EVERY tv commercial and movie trailer?

      Fact: music can create a powerful emotional experience for the listener, and when combined with a compelling sales message, makes for a powerful sales message.

      Music is also used for branding purposes (think Intel), and other things.

      To say it isn't an important part of a sales message simply isn't true.
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    These video are great. They do a great job of illustrating how people use the internet and how quickly things have evolved over the past 20 years.
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