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I'm looking to find some services to add to my repertoire. Looking for the type of jobs that one would pay at least $25 for, not work that you can get done on Fiverr. What types of jobs have you been having trouble getting done properly, at reasonable prices?
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    Video creation, or really high-quality product reviews.
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    Minor wordpress changes - with a 24/7 "done in less than 30 mins" availability.

    My freelancers are not always on line, are sometimes busy, and if I have to explain stuff first over at freelancer or wherever, that's a huge waste of time, plus I don't know the quality of the guy.

    I would easily pay 25 bucks for those kind of jobs to save me all the hassle.

    Rob Konrad
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    It is always a question of what you are capable of. Fiverr can work very well if you put the effort in, especially if you have a upsell. Businesses will pay for anything that clearly adds value.
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    Animated videos and flash videos (not .flv flash either). I can do them, but it takes a while to create them.
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    I'm going to also say video creation. Creating Facebook fanpage landing pages or welcome pages could be an idea too.
    Marketer In Training
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    Linkbuilding combos - Including article in a directory with social bookmarks and so on.
    One would use it for example to promote the newest blogpost.

    Of course you could use fiverr gigs for it, but you would have to tell everyone what to do. With the combo there is only 1 contact. That is the benefit...
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    freelancers who build awesome company logo's are hard to find and If someone could build a company logo I can easily pay him $35

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    I need a brand new ebook of 20 pages health,wedding,dating. But must be unique only made for me with a boosting sales page .
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    There are plenty of things in demand, but the problem nowadays is finding someone who not only does a job to a high standard, but is very reliable and delivers on time. It's about offering an in-demand service that is highly accessible, affordable, and always done on time.

    Now, look at common things that need doing in the world of Internet marketing and website creation. A good example is converting a website's graphics into functional code. Seen all the PSD-to-HTML companies out there? It's a service that is specific but very much in demand, and has been made highly accessible and reliable by PSD-to-HTML companies over the past few years.

    One of my favorites: Convert PSD to HTML / XHTML and CSS - P2H / PSD2HTML - Notice the obvious call to action, fixed and decent turnaround times, and fixed prices (as well as additional extras you can order). You could apply the same principles to other services such as:

    * Premium article writing
    * Video creation
    * WordPress editing, like Rob said

    Or more specific things that are in demand, such as product reviews.

    Hope this breeds some ideas for you.
    I write high quality articles starting at $5.50 - Original content written in native English!

    --> Click to check out my services
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    This is one of my favorites: Convert Psd to xhtml | Psd to wordpress sites -They have fixed and decent turnaround times, and fixed prices (as well as additional extras you can order to them. they have cheap services with quality of work.
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    top quality original articles
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    Facebook landing page
    Video Creation
    Graphics - ecovers, banners etc
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      I would say video creation but good quality and professional + hd.
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    I guess it depends on what things you can actually do - SEO work, Graphics, Computer problems, Multiple Article writing, eBook creating, Coaching etc..
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    Usually is SEO work.

    We Focus on Your Growth, You Focus on Finding Clients While Label SEO Services

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    banner ads, articles, seo, blog comments, lots of stuff.

    Infact we use a site called everyday. I get to screw off all day, because most of our businesses are on autopilot, and I am the manager.

    Think of it this way. Would you like to be a general in the army or a solider in the trenches doing all the work.

    My opinion is if you have the finances get everything outsourced, or train those that are good, how to do what you do, and generate your income. That way you can work on your business an NOT IN your business if you know what I mean
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