Had to Have a Laugh at This Email...

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Just got a rather silly email from someone this morning who'd obviously forgotten that they'd subscribed (through double-optin) to my mailing list 4 months ago...thought you might like a laugh!

...now some of these emails can be downright rude & abusive, & in some ways this one could be taken as a bit rude, but also rather funny at the same time !

who gave you my email address because im going to sue them for breach of privacy

My reply...

You did (name)! In fact our records show that you signed up & confirmed your email address on the (date), 2011.

Instead of suing yourself, if you don't want to receive any further emails from us you can unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe (email removal) link at the bottom of this email.

Hey, maybe I shouldn't have put in the part about suing yourself, but their email was so ridiculous I just couldn't resist it .


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