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WF Members,

I am reaching out to gain your perspectives, and to help anyone else in the future that may come across this thread.

I currently own a gaming forum with a very keyword rich name that has to do with a hot video game.

The forum receives over 1000 uniques a day on this site, 96% are being from search engines.

The problem is that for 1000 uniques, no one is really posting. The average time a person spends on the site is over 2 minutes, so they are browsing the site for sure.

I am looking for advice from experienced WF members on how I can encourage posting and community discussions.

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    hum... without seeing the site / forum. my guess is that your visitors are just looking for information or tips on the game. ie...they are freebie seekers.

    again without seeing the site its a bit tough, but i would probably suggest giving your visitors what they want. which i am guessing is free tips/tricks.

    maybe a free tips ebook in exchange for their email address. this might allow you to do some things to make some money on the backend with your list of subscribers.

    feel free to post the link to your site if you want to. it would probably help with better suggests.
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    I think there is a positive thing in it . Firstly your content is driving free traffic . You can now try to find out monetize them well. The second issue I think you need some active members in the thread . You can take various steps . Some bonus for joining , contest for among members you can run .

    In order to show some activities , you can also buy some forum posting service. ( Google for that )
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    The trick to running any forum is reaching critical mass. That means you get to a point where the forum generates content on its own. Most fail or give up long before they reach this point.

    Your job in the beginning is to constantly feed the content yourself or with the help of volunteers or paid staff. Don't just throw up new posts, start real conversions that others will feel compelled to jump in on. As the content becomes more engaging, the posters will participate.

    I have an article that may be of interest to you about this:
    Successfully Creating an Authority Forum | Internet Marketing Strategies by E Brian Rose


    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Most of the people come to your forum by chances by Google searches, they usually browse around and left without doing anything like signing up or bookmark your page, I suggest don't waste your time on that matter, important is you keep your current members active by keep them coming back to post, if a visitor see that a forum is active, he/she is more likely to sign up.
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    Thanks for your help.

    The forum is www (dot) battlefield3forum (dot) com
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