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hello warriors

can you make money on Squidoo lenses or do we just use them for backlinks?

you thoughts please:p
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    SquiDONT! In my opinion....the little profit I made with Squidoo did not justify the time and effort I put into creating the lenses. I think you'd be better off just with article submissions to the different directories...
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    Originally Posted by salaka View Post

    hello warriors

    can you make money on Squidoo lenses or do we just use them for backlinks?

    you thoughts please:p
    It can be a long slog, but if you can find products on Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction which have opportunities with the keyword then, there is still scope in making a few quid building lenses. The other thing you've got to watch out for is the squidoo spam filter and your lens not getting featured right away and making it available to the search engines.
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    I deleted all of my lenses. Made a few cents from a couple of them, but Squidoo started deleting Internet Marketing lenses and hasn't been worth the trouble since.
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    Read my eBook, seriously - Google's recent search algorithm update changed this. I noticed people still don't have all the facts on this update (some don't even know it happened, yet it affected their sites!) so I've made an easy-to-read, simple, cheap eBook.

    Long story short, Squidoo and other sites (ezine articles) were slapped by Google so they're tightening the grip on what's published, including removing already-published stuff.

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      Squidoo is still a good way in which to promote your products especially affiliate products. They have to keep amending their rules to suit Google and not the account holders, so what works today may not work tomorrow. You can still do fine with Squidoo, but who knows what will happen in the future.
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    Some people do really well with squidoo lenses but only a small majority. I use them for powerful backlinks i.e. create a lense on something they won't delete and use it as part of a link wheel and also have it linking back to your website.The reason making money from squidoo lenses itself is hard is because you cannot use "sales talk" which makes it extremely hard to convert your visitors. If you are looking for a way to make money with your writing try something like Infobarrel, I know a few people who make $600+ a month with it which is a nice side earner to pay for some of your outgoings but personally if you are writing decent content why not purchase an old domain with some authority and list them on your own website this way you have full control.
    Support/Contact Me:
    Page one of Google Guaranteed For Your Chosen Keyword
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    I used to do a lot over on Squidoo. Mainly because when I started I was following Potpiegirls one week marketing guide. Which was to create campaigns to sell Clickbank products.

    Last year they were OK and did do some sales. Now though, that's not happening. All they lenses, although still online and accessible, not even Squidoo will show them in their site search as relevant to what someone is looking for.

    In saying that, I do have one lens that does around $15 per month. That's from amazon and eBay sales with the revenue share that Squidoo offers.

    So I would say, (and this is only my opinion) that it's not a way to get a full time income from the site.

    At least not in a hurry

    I do think it's possible but I reckon you would have to work your butt off to get that sort of income.

    I think the people that do alright in Squidoo are really active. In that I mean they write a lot of lenses and participate in the forum.

    My opinion is that to get revenue share you have to be part of the community.

    Participating in the forums, discussing things with other Squidoo'ers and navigating around the site to "like" other lenses. Comment on them etc.

    Work up to the giant Squid status and then try and become an active member of their community. I don't think it's a site that if you're only interested in making money from your lenses that it will work.

    But if you want to be a part of a writing community with a passion for writing and not so much "in it for the money" then you could work up an income over time. It will take a lot of work though.

    It's just been my experience in the forum when I first started that I got a bit of grief for promoting a clickbank product. Which, they don't make a share on that sale you make. They get advertising revenue but the others like the Amazon modules and eBay modules gets Squidoo paid too. And some of the users donate that to charities. Whether they factor that into their lens rank is something else altogether. I'm just skeptical and think they'll put more weight on showing up your lens in a related lens if they've got something to gain. Maybe it's just me but anytime I look at a lens, the sidebar that shows related lenses are heavy on Amazon products and guess what...the lens rank is higher too.

    Again, this is just my opinion and nothing against Squidoo themselves. It can work but you will have to *REALLY* work at it.

    My preference is sell from my own sites and create the lens just like any other article directory and forget about the revenue sharing and use (like the above post mentioned)... As part of a link wheel.
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    thanks guys so your openion just usen as link wheel, i got three lenses and alexa show them as link to my site so you can get backlinks
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    Squidoo is a good way to get internal traffic. As there are hundreds of thousands of lenses already in existence on the Squidoo network, the site itself is a network of people who may find your lens of interest.
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    Well you can get some backlinks and traffic from it, but in general - too much time and energy for little result. There are a much better ways to get much better backlinks for less time and energy.
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    I don't use Squidoo for income purposes, just for backlinks and traffic. I still get good traffic from lenses to my sites. That's the only reason why I still have my old ones and build new ones.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    I got my start on squidoo, before I had money to invest. I made $3,000 my very first month online sending article traffic to a squidoo page, that was 5 years ago though. It is still possible but you just have to do it in a certain way since they are cracking down on certain affiliate niches.

    I took the entire $3,000 I made my first month and got a hosting account, an autoresponder account a domain and spent the rest on traffic.

    Don't rely on it for very long but just to get some investment money.
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    Originally Posted by salaka View Post

    hello warriors

    can you make money on Squidoo lenses or do we just use them for backlinks?

    you thoughts please:p
    In my experience, Squidoo has not been worth the effort. Better try Hubpages then.
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    Squidoo should be only used for backlinks.If you are happy with cents then you can try to make money with it as well.
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    Squidoo has really been a good avenue to make cool is useful for affiliate marketing though you have to know how things really works.when i first started online i just i tried to go down straight to business only to find it is not as easy as you just have to get things right.
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      Can somebody answer a question - if you use Squidoo for backlinks does that mean the more Squidoo'd the more backlinks i.e. 10 squidoo's = 10 links or will you only ever receive one link from each directory source regardless of the amount you submit :confused:
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    Yes, you can make money on Squidoo. I earn decent amount of money there. But now because of Halloween my earnings are huge (for me)!
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    I think that squidoo along with hubpages are very valuable sources of backlinks and direct traffic.

    If you have some sense in building squids and hubs you'll get a lot out of it.

    With squidoo you can also make money with their AdSense.

    -25% WF PROMO CODE: "WFPROMO911" (expires on 1.1.2012)
    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    I would go with what Mitja said... now, I don't use Squidoo a lot, just here and there for backlinks purpose mostly... but my thoughts are this: Squidoo is a social networking platform in nutshell... that means those niches that are related to social things could do pretty well on Squidoo, just like an example from Mitjy - Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and similar subjects...

    I know people who built their whole businesses on Squidoo and they are not doing anything else... but you have such a examples in all similar subjects... some people are doing only Kindle publishing and earning big money that way... other are doing only free Blogger blogs... others just article submissions or just video marketing...

    In general, I believe you can make money with everything on the Internet... it all depends on how you approach each resource and use it...
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    The answer is yes, you can make money with Squidoo. But the next question is how much money can be produced ? My highest income in Squidoo is $100 a month mostly from Amazon and googleads. It's good for learning to start make money.
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    squidoo has been progressively making their TOS more and more restrictive.
    It's so easy now to get your lens removed if you have a "questionable"
    affiliate offer.
    It's a safer bet to use squidoo for backlinks.
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    I have lenses over there, never made a cent although some of them are popular with good number of visitors,

    I do it for other reasons than making money out of squidoo
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  • I make $20/m from Squidoo lenses. The time I put into it was not nearly worth it. I was just experimenting at the time. I have some high ranked lenses, but even still not worth the time. Create your own authority site with an optin form and make real money.
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    For me, using squidoo is a good method to get free traffic.
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    Squidoo is good for reviewing products. If you know how to be a ninja with your keywords, you can actually do very well on Squidoo.
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      Originally Posted by snowcloud View Post

      Squidoo is good for reviewing products. If you know how to be a ninja with your keywords, you can actually do very well on Squidoo.
      Why not just host the page yourself and take all the money from the adds?
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    Squidoo is a best way of increasing traffic and ranking of a website.
    i use this site for increase to increase my website ranking.
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    Just tried to create a lens today. It seems that they've put some kind of spam detection, couldn't post the lens.

    The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

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      Originally Posted by Warpanda View Post

      Just tried to create a lens today. It seems that they've put some kind of spam detection, couldn't post the lens.
      If you are sure that the content is original and the topic is allowed on Squidoo - send in a Greenlighting request. One of my Lenses was cleared earlier this week.
      The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists not In Seeking New Landscapes but In Having New Eyes ~ Marcel Proust
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    @Warpanda- Check out SquiDON'T lens, to see if you hit the spam filter with your topic.
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    My experience with Squidoo is not very good. I've been getting lenses that are labeled as "low-quality" or stuff like that, even though I had many likes and comments from visitors who expressed appreciation for them.

    I do not find Squidoo to be a good source of income, but I guess you have to try it and see it for yourself, because what did not work for someone, does not mean is not going to work for you. Sometimes you have to stay longer and persist enough to make things happen.

    But again, Squidoo is a platform that has certain limitations. It can be used for building backlinks rather than generating income with it.

    What I found is that the best backlinks to increase the rankings through your site are via signature links to your website in forums like this one. You post helpful replies to threads and build backlinks to your site - this is going to boost your rankings threefold :-)

    Kindle Publishers: Get Reviews and More Sales to Your Kindle Books at

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    One thing I like about Squidoo is the ability to add AdSense and thats very attractive to me in addition to be able to get the back links and traffic.
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      Originally Posted by SteveFox View Post

      One thing I like about Squidoo is the ability to add AdSense and thats very attractive to me in addition to be able to get the back links and traffic.
      All of those things you can also do on your own site, which you own and control yourself.

      Like many here, I stopped using Squidoo (even as part of my backlinking strategy) a couple of years ago when I finally learned that it gave me nothing I couldn't get (also without paying) elsewhere, where I was in control, rather than Squidoo.

      I see the same thing, time and time again, in "Squidoo" threads, here. Experienced, successful Warriors are explaining why they don't use it, and a few people promoting "Squidoo stuff" in their sig-files and/or in WSO's are making claims for Squidoo.

      These threads, which contain plenty of factual information as well as some opinion, will be helpful to anyone interested in the subject who's willing to read them ...

      Is Squidoo still okay to post article to?

      How to subtly advertise on Squidoo and Hubpages?

      How do I Use Squidoo Effectively?

      Advice on Squidoo
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        I use squidoo for backlinks and because the lenses reached first page faster than my own site when it was new.

        Now I am on first page for my keywords on squidoo and my site. What is awesome.

        Also the community is very active, I had traffic and registrations from social interaction.

        I don´t make money from the revenue share. Well, a couple of cents here and there. But nothing to feed my family.

        I also don´t make affiliate money with it, sometimes I throw in a link, but not the goal.

        My main goal is to take people to my ebooks, my store or the community. And it works fine.

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    I also was interested in the One Week Marketing concept but I've since realized that Squidoo is maybe more useful to generate backlinks. When did a little research I saw a list which told me that Squidoo is one of the higher-ranked article platforms for google, even after the recent changes in their algorithms.
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    Hi there,

    As MAttVitt mentioned, Google's new Panda update changed the game on quite a few things. I'd still post some articles on Squidoo for back-link purposes and some traffic, although I wouldn't focus a lot of effort on cashing in your offers there. Definitely diversify.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    I come across a WSO it explains how to make money via Squido's. Have a look.
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    Did this get resurrected as an April Fool's Joke?

    that being said, I make a lot of money at squidoo, but not with IM products or ebooks - with real products and amazon and ebay modules.

    Squidoo may not work forever, but Google LOVES it right now.
    New Women's Health PLR - IBS, Acne, Allergies, Walking, and Foot Health

    Affiliate Marketing Plus Email Marketing PLR -- Mobile Marketing PLR
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    Previously I can make money from squidoo only $ 3 every than they delete my account and now so difficult to make money from squidoo
    and now I focus on Parking Domain
    and can get $ 75 every month
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    i have 10 lenses that give me around 49 bucks each monthly

    no hosting, no links, no costs

    better than most of my adsense sites lol
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    you can try hubpages also just like squidoo it's free all you have to do is write article and published it and then wait for few months that's all PATIENCE is all you need..

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    Hubpages is nothing like squidoo, in my experience, and with squidoo you don't have to wait longer than about 6 hours.
    New Women's Health PLR - IBS, Acne, Allergies, Walking, and Foot Health

    Affiliate Marketing Plus Email Marketing PLR -- Mobile Marketing PLR
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