Help me finding the right domain and I'll buy you a beer

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After searching a long time for a nice domain for a new blog I really got crazy and a bit blind ;-)
I have a domain,but I am not satisfied with it:
The number I do not like at the end of the domain or am I making a problem about this?
I need a domain for a new blog for offering deals,coupons and free stuff.
If possible I want the keywords in the domain and a short domain and easy to remember.

Please send me your idea via PM and the winner will get a beer on his paypal ;-)
Because my postcount is <50 I can't reply on your PM,this means I will reply in this topic.
Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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      Originally Posted by Karan Goel View Post

      Thank you.
      But to be honest I am looking for a domain without numbers in it.
      And the last one you mentioned is already registered
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    Hi Richard Mo,

    Just thought of and checked one domain name which at the time of this writing is available.

    Maybe you can try:

    I am sure there are better domains out there, but I have to run for a racquetball game, else I'd do some more searching for you :-)
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    I'm curious to see where this site goes.
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    Originally Posted by Richard Mo View Post

    I need a domain for a new blog for offering deals,coupons and free stuff.

    It's available too...
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    Having the best site or domain name will not make any difference.

    I think that you should stick with what you have right now. It sounds good to me.
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    If you have any backlinking or have done much at all with your current domain, I'd just keep it.

    As far as posts and PMing. You can PM immediately if you become a member of the War Room, which I recommend anyway. Lots of free stuff and help in there and well worth it.

    But if you are going to change the domain here are some available right now.

    I think the last 3 are my favorites.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    My favorite tool for this is Domainr: fast, free, domain name search, short URLs, international domain registration

    It lets you quickly see all the domain variations and which ones are taken and which are available.

    How about (all available):

    I could do this all day...

    When I want to register a .org/.net I check to see if anyone is actually using the .com. If it's just registered, but not actually in use, it's very easy to build up a site and capitalize the google traffic for the keywords. You essentially make the .com worthless, and the only buyer down the road.

    For example, I wanted, but it was taken but not in use. I registered the .org. And now, if you type in "keyword strategy" into Google, I come up first.

    I'm the publisher of Universe Today and co-founder of the Keyword Strategy content marketing tool.

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      I'd like to thank you all for your replies.
      At the end I decided to keep the domain I already have:
      I spent a lot of time searching for a new one and you also gave me some nice ideas and domains.
      But to be honest I thought: why I should change to another domain and then I saw the post from talfighel.
      It's not only the domain ,but also what's on the website and the marketing and to be true, doesn't too bad ;-)
      Herewith I'd like to thank you all again for your help and advice.
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