How to know the Worth of your site?

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I have this question in mind, how would you know the worth of your site? What tools can be used to check the site's worth on the web?
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    just check the traffic of the site and the unique visitors per day, in website success the most important thing is the traffic, if traffic is good then your site worth a good, you can check traffic from
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    Hey dude, I think this is the site what you are looking for www[.]freewebsitereport[.]org
    just remove the [] I can't post a link here.
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    I'd compare it to the other sold websites on flippa.

    Other than that the real value should be about the 10 times the monthly revenue. If you have a gift for marketing you'll sell it for 20 times. Title and salespage does it all!

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    The best way to know your worth is to take your monthly earnings and multiply that by 12. This is usually the figure used when people are selling their website.
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    I've seen sites with no traffic, making no money sell for $200-$500.

    Price is determined by supply and demand.

    If there is a demand for a certain type of site, that looks a certain way and has certain functions, it will sell for the market price.

    So I would look at Flippa and see what sites similar to yours are selling for.

    Look at the ones sold though, not just listed. People can list something at any price but until it is sold, you don't have fair market value.
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    I typically try to get 12 - 16 months of income.
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    Check out flippa and see what a similar site to yours is going for. Usually if your making a residual income, time that about 12-18 months in advance.
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    I would caution against taking the word of an online, automated domain or website appraisal service to be gospel. Some have rather good algorithms, but some others are just marketing ploys to get you to buys their products or services.

    Also, a domain, or a website -- or, truthfully, anything that's being sold -- is worth exactly what a willing buyer will pay to a willing seller. That's a fundamental aspect of economics.
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