How much does hosting cost you? need advice.

by sean83
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I want to run facebook ads campaign, and drive traffic from them to landing pages, but traffic from Facebook ads would result in thousand of visits to the landing pages and to my hosting, particularly if I have multiple campaigns setup.

I was talking to my hosting provider , and they said the current shared hosting plan I have would not be enough to support that type of traffic, and that I would need one of the VPS hosting plans, which are more expensive, the one the recommended would be over $200 a month.

I don't have that money at the moment, so I'm considering just setting landing pages for CPA offers and facebook ad campaigns at for the time being until I build enough money up.

Then I'll go back to my web host provider, and go for the more advanced plan, and start setting up landing pages ,websites there, and building list.
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    Go to, a really reliable hosting company and a lot cheaper.

    I hope that helps.
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    go to hostgator and get the aluminum plan, then you can set up as many domains as you can.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    You can get a managed vps plan for less than $50 per month. Here's a list.

    However I expect you wouldn't get thousands of hits from FB unless you are spending a very large amount on ads.

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    Hostgator sucks

    Go with a smaller company that cares more about it's clients. Go with a company that allows unlimited ADDON domains. Don't get reseller hosting, you don't need it.

    You don't need a VPS or dedicated server or anything intense.
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      Originally Posted by d0rhk View Post

      Hostgator sucks

      Go with a smaller company that cares more about it's clients. Go with a company that allows unlimited ADDON domains. Don't get reseller hosting, you don't need it.

      You don't need a VPS or dedicated server or anything intense.
      Hostgator allows me unlimited addon domains, unless I'm missing something.
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    different hosting companies gives different hosting plan you should go for unlimited package. and here you can get unlimited addon domains,and every thing which you want.
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    I don't see you having a problem with HostGator. I have business plan with 112 sub-domains, not all of them are active or have many files on them. It cost me around $180 for the year for unlimited business plan, and I think it dropped some right after I bought in.

    The only thing you likely need to be aware of, which I didn't know... is despite the term 'unlimited', I am approaching 100,000 files (67,000 now) which IS limited. The same can be said for the # of inodes allowance which is 250,000 and total disk allowance is 20,000MB's of which I have only used 4,500MB's.

    However, I highly doubt you'll scratch the surface considering how much crap I have on my server...LOL

    All the Best,

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    then you probably need to look up for unlimited share hosting, VPS or latest cloud hosting.
    Ofcourse unlimited hosting is the best choice and budgeting for your current situation.
    If you forecase that your traffic will increase again then you can direct look for VPS.
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    Hi Sean,

    you have to put "thousands of clicks" into perspective:

    Even if you have 10'000 clicks a day, that's 10'000 / 24hrs / 60 mins = about 7 clicks a minute - not that much, at at all.

    Sure, you'll have "peaks" during busy hours, but it's not like we're talking 100 pageviews a second.

    I agree with the previous posters - go find a good, small hosting company that will help you grow, and don't spend too much on things they talk you into.

    Rob Konrad
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    Honestly I think you're putting the cart before the horse so to speak. If you're just "thinking" of running facebook campaigns then you may be "thinking" that you're going to get a lot more traffic then you'll actually get.

    Run a few - start off slow - and see what's really there - it takes no time to move from your shared plan up to a VPS if you so require.

    Basically... If you're really going drive that kind of traffic and spend that kind of money on the ads and you're worried about a couple hundred bucks on hosting - you might not have thought this through the whole way.
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    I have been using Hostgator and downtownhost . Both are just fine for me. But I have found HostGator's live support is better .
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    why not set up a fan page in facebook and generate the traffic to this page with the same info on.

    this will result in cheaper traffic as ads kept inside of facebook and not directing out side of facebook are always cheaper.

    and as you using facebook for the landing page you wont have any hosting issues
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    Hostgator sucks? They have the best support out there. And I measure how good a hosting is by their support. Ofcourse I'd mind if there were other issues but there aren't. No downtime ever.

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    I prefer HostMonster, I've been with them for years and have never had a problem. Support is good, they are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add on domains, unlimited email addresses and unlimited hard drive space. It about $80 a year for shared hosting and around $200 a year for your own IP.
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