How difficult to buy a parked domain?

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I'm wondering if any of you have experience in purchasing a parked domain. The hypothetical domain is parked. I had to do internet research to track down where it's for sale. It's at After Market with "make offer" for the price. I made an offer, no response. After Market is trying to get a hold of the seller, but the seller has been stagnant on their site for the past 8 years. Looks like the site is parked at trafficz. Site gets little traffic, what it does get probably all direct typed... under 100 hits a month if I did my homework right.

What are my chances of me getting this domain for a reasonable price? Is it true that many of these big portfolio domainers will not sell for less than 6 figures????

I'm just sitting tight. I don't really need the domain. I have a non-keyword domain on 1st page of google as it is. But, I could probably get this one a little bit higher.


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