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Why Learn How To Set-Up Your Google Plus Page?

In internet marketing and network marketing circles there are several people asking the question, why learn how to set-up your Google Plus page? Their argument is that they are successful using their Facebook page so why not just stick with that? After all everyone else is on Facebook its working well for them, so why learn how to set-up your Google Plus page right?

Now don't get me wrong, I believe that Facebook is a great way to generate website traffic and back links to my website. I believe it so much I built a whole course on it that I sell on the Warrior Forum. But when your target audience is as small as the network marketing niche, building your business solely around one method is a mistake. You need to know how to set-up your Google Plus page.

This is especially true when using Facebook because, we'll quite frankly, everyone is doing it. They are doing it because it works, but only for a select few in the way the "guru's" tell you that it does. They create course after course and conduct webinar after webinar telling you to build your business using Facebook.

But what they don't tell you is they are spending tons of money on pay per click ads or using some other method of traffic generation to build their businesses as well. You don't sell courses on Facebook if you admit your limited by the people who are in your niche. So this is yet another reason to learn how to set-up your Google Plus page.

So, yes continue doing what your doing on Facebook, but learn how to set-up your Google Plus page in order to expand that reach your looking for. Bring in new people to your "circles" and connect with people who don't use Facebook as much as you or your competitors who haven't taken the time to learn how to set-up your Google Plus page because they are too busy on Facebook.

How To Set-Up Your Google Plus Page Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Sign up: Go to: Google+

Click "Create your Goolge+ Page"

Step 2. Category: Select the main category for your page.

Local Business or Place- this is for if you are primarily local or have a physical location.

Product or Brand- if you are creating a page for one specific product item or for a brand. How To Set--Up Your Google Plus Page Tip: Bloggers this is where you want to be!

Company, Institution or Organization- this is the general business category
Arts, Entertainment or Sports- anything having to do with these categories, though often these are people like artists and musician or groups of people like a sports team.

Other- If you just don't quite fit anywhere, you can assign your own category. Tip: I don't really recommend this unless you have to because you are missing out on the "category" search benefit of Google+.

Step 3. Sub-Category: After you select a main category you will be able to select a sub category that best describes you. Since you really want to brand yourself with this page and you don't want to invite Google to shut you page off, select "public figure".

Step 4. Page Name: Enter in your page name. This is what everyone will see as your page name and how people will find you. Do not make it too complicated and keep it to something that is easy to remember. Again we are branding you here so use your name.

Though vanity URLs are not currently available, they will not be long in coming and you would rather have than as your URL.
Keep it clean and keep it simple!

Step 5. URL: Enter in the URL for your website. This is very important because its your very first back link from your page. Also, all of your posts that you create on your blog with have your profile picture showing when you close the loop on linking your page and your website together.

Step 6. Age Restriction: You can opt to have age restriction on your page. This is good if you talk about mature issues, alcohol or drugs. The ages restrictions available are 13+, 18+ and 21+. Since your dealing with marketing your safe to leave it 13+. But I warn you, if you put up adult content on your page your going to loose it and probably get your whole Google account banned so don't do it.

Step 7. Profile Photo: Your profile photo is your face to the world. You may want to put your logo in here, or a picture of you. But whatever you decide make sure that the picture is square. Unlike Facebook, Google+ Pages gives limited real estate to your pic. Remember that you are branding yourself, so use the same profile pic as you would use on all of your Web 2.0 properties.

Step 8. Tag Line: This is where you get to put some quick little tidbit about your business. Think of this as your elevator pitch. You want something that describes your page and essentially draws someone into the page.

Tip: Give yourself an SEO boost and use keywords in this tag line. Once you are done you will be asked if you want to share your page on your Google+ profile. Go ahead and say yes. This is a great way to share your page with your various circles.

Give Your Page an Edge

You may be thinking that the set up process was really easy, and wondering why you did not have to fill out a ton of questionnaires about your business, information, description, contact information, etc. That is because you don't have to have any of that information on your page. But trust me, you want all that information on your page.

Once your page is set up, you will want to go view your page profile and start editing information. When you click the edit button (a blue button on the top right of your page profile) it allows you to edit nearly all sections of your page. All you need to do is click on a section to edit.

Introduction: Write something descriptive about your business. This is your space to make your first real introduction and tell people what you are all about. Make sure you use key words that are related to your brand to given an even bigger SEO boost.

Contact Info: You can add an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, I recommend just an email address. But that is only if you don't necessarily want anyone who can find your page able to call you. Because of my business I want people to call, so that's why its on my page.

Website: This is where your website URL will be.

A note on Privacy: you can set the level of visibility as you set up these fields. You can control whether you only want your circles to be able to see this information or if you want it completely public. If you are worried about privacy you should restrict your visibility to "only circles" or even custom circles. For your website, I recommend leaving this viewable by anyone.

Linking Relationship: Google+ offers another way to build good relations with other websites. Like a blog, where you can share your blogroll, you are able to share your recommended links. This is to the right column next to your information. If you have websites that you particularly like or support, this is a great way to share them with your followers. Plus this is a great way to breed good relationships with those websites. If you link someone, make sure you reach out to them and tell them, you never know they may just link back.

Photo Strip

The photo strip is one of the most powerful visual aids of your page. You can add any photo that you like on this strip, and unlike in Facebook, you can place them in any order you like. All you have to do is upload the photo directly into the photostip. Once they are loaded you can drag and drop them into any position you like.

With a little creative photography you can make your photostrip be an excellent brand ambassador for you page....or you can just have some fun with it and create a really interesting panoramic.

If you have a series of products that you have created perhaps having a picture of each one of your products is what you want. I am currently looking for a way to create a banner just like the one above, so if you know of where I can get that done leave a comment.

Get Social!

The number one power of any social network is the ability to be social. Pages is no different. Similar to Facebook, you can use Google+ as your page.

You can go and add other pages to your circles. You can comment on their posts and interact them. Though people can add your page to their circle, pages cannot add people to their circles.

On the left column of your page, you will see your profile pic, a button to share your page and then a section showing who is in your circles and who has added you to theirs.

By looking at this section on other pages you will be able to find a lot of relevant and interesting pages to network with.

The more you network with other pages the more they will network with you so don't just read this how to set-up your Google Plus page tutorial and not take any action. Ultimately the more people who have circled you, the more people who are reading your posts. So get out there and network!

As you can tell from my how to set-up your Google Plus page tutorial Google+ Pages for business is not hugely different than Facebook Pages.

However, the SEO value they add is reason enough to get a page set up for your website. The pages are easy to set up and offer the opportunity for more exposure to your website.

I hope that you have gotten a lot out of this post and as always please leave a comment or suggestion down below in the comments box. Go to my page, add it to your circles and I will do the same for you!!

And now that you've seen my how to set-up your Google Plus page tutorial go out there and set up a Page!
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