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I have a regular static website and will be adding a blog.

Which would be better, adding the blog as a sub-domain or sub directory (folder)?

How would it effect SEO? What are the other pros and cons?

Thanks for your feedback.
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    The benefits of having your blog as a sub-domain is that Google, other SE's and Directories will take it as another domain name entirely.

    ...but a sub directory will always be a part of your domain.

    As a sub-domain, you could have:

    The two are like this...


    (That's for people that didn't know the difference) is a master of the sub domain and they seem to pop up on a lot of my searches.

    I don't know how the recent Google changes would have affected this but I would still go the sub-domain route unless it was a branding issue. Then I would stay within one domain.

    I also know there is software out there that will automate all this for you by inserting a keyword list, I bought one once and never got around to using It. Never mind eh!

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    Im thinking neither, incorporate it all into one fat blog .
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    ofcourse subdirectory is better !!!!
    it help in SEO toward your main domain .

    subdomain to not help your main domain unless it do high PR and bring good link back to your main domain .
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      Most people that have static websites usually place their blog in a sub-directory. Doing this helps to make your site appear as an authority depending on if you will be adding content to it.

      Having it on a Sub-Domain will be like having 2 urls that you will have to promote. You will spend less energy building it up to an authority site by having it in a sub-directory then you would if you placed it in a sub-domain.

      Just my thoughts
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    I thought these might be of use to you:

    If you want the official perspective of Google on the matter.
    Need an awesome ghostwriter to fill in for you?

    Check out
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Think I will stay with folders like I have been.

    WordPress Domination: from Beginner to Ninja in 7 Days

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