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I am trying to build a new site, I got a profitable niche based on my research, and so I wish to choose a domain but I am a bit confused when it comes to SEO. Lets say that the keyword I want to optimize is called "x",,, are already taken, so if I choose to start with, will that affect my ranking?, or I should do it as and why?
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    You can add in a 'x' at the end. It is 'invisible' to Google.
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      Originally Posted by feliciayapsl View Post

      You can add in a 'x' at the end. It is 'invisible' to Google.
      Ok, so If I start with, that "my" will be visible and will affect my ranking?

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    An exact domain match is ideal in some markets, but don't just stop because it is taken, go visit each TLD variation to assess your REAL competition, if they have a site how good is it, what PR is it.

    I always run things from both ends, so I stick the keywords into Market Samurai and other tools to see what I am up against. Often none of the competition comes from exact match domains or when it does the site is crappy and offers a poor user experience.

    If it is massively competitive I look for niche keywords that are not taken and register those that I can do something with and that themselves are not too competitive. Get one sites working on a niche, get it reputation in Google, then lean into the main keywords with your content. Over time you will get better ranking and PR.

    Once it is making money you can decide if you want to offer some money for the main keyword you were after or just rinse and repeat with another niche keyword, just clone the original site and take it into a new direction around the new keyword.
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    yes add an x at the en. I do it all the times..

    You get the full benefit of serp for your keyword...

    x is the best 'stop word' or should I say 'stop letter' ?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thing he's saying that "x" is his main keyword which could be hypothetical for an actual word like "dog" or "weight loss". the issue here is not about adding an "x" but adding a prefix or suffix word like "my" or "today" like he stated in the OP. :confused:

    If that's the case, then adding an extra word to your main keyword shouldn't negatively affect your ranking.
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    Exact match domains help in SEO, but if you can't find one then just get a good sounding domain. Yes, you have a slight disadvantage in SEO, but it is very slight, and a few extra backlinks should perk it right up.

    It really doesn't matter where the keywords are in the domain, just make sure they are not interrupted. For example, if your keyword is "great car" then "" would be better than ""
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    Godaddy is one of the best places to go to research your domain names as they provide several alternatives to give you ideas. As for buying a domain I always use namecheap, but there are several additions you can use to get your domain unique. If it's a product your selling, use the product name, like ' put an x at the end. Thus: ' Google never seem to notice the extra 'x' and will rank you for just the product name. Good Luck
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