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by bbguy1
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What's the best way to sell services like content creation or SEO other than here on the forum?

For example- create a website, run an adwords campaign, take orders?

Just trying to think of ways to get what I do in front of people?

I'm not really talking about the offline world type stuff(cold calling, cold emails)- Looking for different online strategies that can help get more customers.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.....
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    Hi bbguy,

    if you want to sell something - go where people meet that have a need for your service.
    That'll be a different place for each of the services you mentioned, but might help you search.

    Rob Konrad
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    The best way is a matter of opinion, But here is a good way that I like to do it.

    Go find people who are offering a complimentary service and offer your service to them.

    For example, you can look on freelancer sites and find people who are doing web design and then offer them you content creation service.

    You could also find companies listing their services on Craigslist or ranking in Google for their services and offer you service to them.

    Heck, it doesn't even have to be a complimentary service. You can contact them if they are doing seo and say if you get to much work and need some help than let me do the seo for you.

    The great thing about looking for someone already offering a service and then offering them your service is they are doing all the work of finding the customers. All you have to focus on is doing your particular service well.

    Not to mention, that someone already in business will bring you repeat work without you having to look for new customers.

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    Create a website, rank for it, and use a multitude of other advertising channels.

    If you dare to sell outside the forum, you might discover as others have that you can frequently charge 20 times as much as you can here in the forum, and still have customers thinking that you aren't charging enough. LOL
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      Great feedback...and fast too!

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    All above solutions are good.

    Another option is to think locally and instead of charging flat rate fees for SEO, consider entering into JVs with business owners and charging huge conversions. I've been doing this and it works terrifically.

    I considered flat rate SEO, but couldn't get into it. I love the affiliate model and doing affiliate/referral marketing for small businesses with high-value customers is lucrative. You can arrange much higher commissions and there's no affiliate competition.
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