Can webcam effects be used with Skype?

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Can webcam effects be used with Skype?

My fear is that the webcam effect software and
the Skype software will operate independently
from one another, making it impossible to use
my webcam's video effects in Skype calls.

(My webcam and its effects are both made by
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    There are many desktop apps that can add video effects to your webcam. Skype does include a webcam settings option to regulate the most basic video set up, but if you want to make the streaming or chat a bit funnier, you cand add backgrounds, change colors, like displaying your image in black and white, or, if done with professional purposes, play slideshares in a split screen. We will list only the best two desktop software, for Windows and MAC.

    From Skype Built-In Options
    1. 1
      Go to Skype >> Tools >> Options >> Video Settings >> Webcam Settings
    Add Video Effects to Skype on MAC – With Camtwist desktop program
    1. 1
      Download and install Camtwist
    2. 2
      Check the video below on how to make Camtwist work with Skype, adding effects to its video (always make sure to have the program opened before you open skype)

    Add Video Effects to Skype on Windows – With ManyCam desktop software
    1. Download and install Manycam

    2. Click on Webcam Settings and choose Many Cam as your actual camera, instead of the one you are using.


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