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I read in a thread yesterday that it isn't advisable to have a domain registered with the same company that you have hosting through. I wasn't aware of this and currently have one of these animals. Which is easier to move? Both are at GoDaddy now. I had recently read from a couple of different "guru's" that they recommended registering domains through GoDaddy and then doing the hosting with HostGator so that is what I did with a new site last week. Should I just try to move my hosting over there or would it be easier to just transfer my domain? Thanks in advance for any input/insight you may be able to provide.
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    The reason of keeping your hosting with one company and domain on another is to protect yourself from the hosting company, some company refuse to let you move.

    I am not sure how go daddy works, but try with them. It is better safe than sorry.
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      The bottom line is this. Always host your domain(s) and web hosting with separate companies. The reason is that if you get into a dispute with one host (usually your web host) then you can sign up for webhosting else where and point your domain to your new webhost.

      If both your domain and website are hosted with the same company, then if you get into a dispute, they have control of both and so in effect, they have total control of your business.

      I would have no hesitation in purchasing webhosting from HostGator; I have an account with them myself. I have read some horror stories about both GoDaddy's web and domain hosting, but I have no personal experience of this so I can't offer definative advice.

      I use several web hosts and several domain hosts. I find NameCheap to be particularly good value for money when purchasing domains.

      Just my thoughts,

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    You can absolutely move your domain anytime you want. Think about if you sold your website on Flippa, private investor, etc., how would you go about transferring the site to them?

    You'll have to purchase another domain for your hosting package though if the domain in question was the main domain on the account.
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    In general, it is easier to transfer the domain, but in your case, I would transfer your site to Hostgator (a lot of people don't like GoDaddy for web hosting) and leave your GoDaddy as your domain registrar.

    Don't forget to update your DNS settings to point to Hostgator after you have moved your site.
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    Normally, it is easier to transfer the domain name.

    I think it´s not necessary to make a State issue and worry excessively about this.

    My personal experience: I've found good domains prices at and at; for host,, this company has an excellent level of quality.


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