$400 a day with tiny list!

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Okay I have this website that gets 30 people a day to sign up for a free download. I have had this site for years and what I have been doing to monetize it is every time I need money I do a product launch - you know "Buy my ****" as Mr. Chaperon would say ...

Anyway I bought the ARM 2.0 course from Andre and decided to try my hand at delivering value before asking fro money, weaving a nice story and incorporating the stuff he teaches in his course.

WOW is all I can say. My email series is only up to 11 emails with 3 opportunities to buy total. The first 2 are my DVD for $77 and then email 9 offers a digital version for $57.

I'm doing about $400 a day off this 30 people a day. I couldn't tell you exactly what my conversions are (dam I wish I was smart enough to do that.)

But I will say I'm not done with the series and already I'm shocked at the results - even if it goes down to 200 or 300 a day - I had no idea it was even possible.

Crazy man!!

You should try delivering value through email, teach and hand hold and blow peoples minds with great content and its amazing - they buy!!!

Tomorrow I do a product launch to my whole entire list of 50K that I did in the same fashion - I had people opt in to this series I did on something to do with trading and I had 1300 people opt-in - they are getting an email a day with a great story and hard facts - some emails are 5 pages literally 700 to 1000 words with .pdf or .jpgs attached or links to a video.

Tomorrow is the $77 or $97 offer (I cant decide which!)

Maybe Ill update you n this in a few days!!
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    Wow! Congratulations. That is why I always tell people the money is in the list.

    You must be really great at creating content and products.

    Keep up the great work and I hope it continues converting for you like that.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    This is very motivational to someone that has only recently started to build a list. At this point I would be happy to do 10% of what you are doing.

    Thanks for your post.

    Tim Pears

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      Those are really nice results, great job and great Thread.

      Keep it up.

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    Congrats! Keep it up!
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    Whats up with LeilaLopez ? LOL too funny - Anyway ya I say this not to sell anything (LeilaLopez) but to motivate you that even if you just get 30 or heck even 20 people downloading something niche related you can make a living. $400 a day doesn't cut it for me making a living but it sure is nice to know that with just 30 people coming into the funnell a day $400 a day is possible.
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    @mhdeaton, really interested where you live if you say 400$ isn't enough for making a living.
    I never got into Email Marketing and List Building but I heard from many people that the money is in the list. So I'll give it a shot in the future.
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    Its not necessarily where I live as much as it is my lifestyle - which isn't really extravagant or anything its just that my wife and I burn through money. I'm used to pulling in good money, always have been so $400 a day is awesome don't get me wrong, but I need at least $1,000 a day to be comfortable. AND I do make $1,000 its just not completely automated like that $400 - I'm working on it though!!
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      Originally Posted by mhdeaton View Post

      Its not necessarily where I live as much as it is my lifestyle - which isn't really extravagant or anything its just that my wife and I burn through money. I'm used to pulling in good money, always have been so $400 a day is awesome don't get me wrong, but I need at least $1,000 a day to be comfortable. AND I do make $1,000 its just not completely automated like that $400 - I'm working on it though!!
      With that level of income you should be very automated. Very few people ever make it to over $365k a year. You say at least $1,000 per day. So are you over half a million yet? And is that gross or net. Hell you can to half a million gross and only net $50k or less.
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    Keep going! Keep building up that sequences to the next level.

    Also, I would also recommend (since you already have a money making list now) to check out Jeff Walker's PLF program.

    I started with my sequence of emails using Andre's advice and then I also joined PLF program and have applied just 10% of what jeff says and lots of copy-paste into the way Andre writes email.

    I had my 1000$ a day since past few days now and I am uber happy!

    Its all about being strategic into your marketing and always keep Jay Abraham's Strategy of Preeminence in mind which leads to so much surprises that you cant even imagine at first!

    Best of luck...
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    This is great news, what is the main niche? Well done on your success mate.
    Coming Soon - 5 Dollar Gem WSOs!
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    Awesome man.. Keep it up
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    mhdeaton what were the results of the $77 or $97 offer?

    No doubt the results were so good that you're busy picking out a new Ferrari. Hoping that's the case.
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  • Does this course focus on listbuilding too or just the email series?

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    @ Tim - I cant complain Tim I had BIGGER hopes but in the end I sold 389 @ $97 - So in the end 1300 opted-in and basically 400 bought which is right at 30% - I'll admit I rushed into the sale just a tad with this offer, but again it was all good - not enough for a Ferrari but I'm not going hungry and that's a blessing!
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    Well done, that is crazy!
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    That's really impressive. May I ask, what market are you making $300 per day? Also, Are you promoting an affiliate product or is it your own product?

    Keep up the good work!

    James Scholes
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    Ive only done one aff. deal in my life - so the answer is NO no affiliate offers. My niche is stock market related. Other than taxes I keep all of it - 90% of what I do is downloadable. I sometimes create a large DVD set of 8 dvds and go for the big numbers but usually I'm below $297 and sell memberships on a one time payment type offer.

    What I have thats golden and the key to me making a living is several websites with lots of content that get me a steady flow of daily New faces. In addition to that I notice that my buyers are also names Ive recognized for years. so I get both new and old business.

    So every day I get about on average 75 sign ups on my various sites that offer a free download.

    Only one of those sites did I work hard and create a killer follow up sequence - that's the one I mention above.

    HOWEVER the other site is #2 on google for a killer keyword and it only gets like 15 people a day signing up because my call to action is pathetic - I just haven't had the time to work on it.

    So the golden part is this tiny 75 a day.

    AND then my newest realization is that if you deliver content and follow up and provide valu even to a tiny number of people they will buy from you.

    Even 30 people a day is basically 200 a week. If you can pitch on day 7 and close 20% at $47 bucks your making $1800 a week.

    Thats a website with content, good google rankings and 30 signups a day a 7 email killer follow up series and a 20% conversion to a $47 product that you create. =

    almost 6 figures a year!!

    Im babbling Ill stop now :-)
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    • Profile picture of the author Timothy Wright
      Originally Posted by mhdeaton View Post

      Im babbling Ill stop now :-)
      I love reading your babblings.

      Compared to most things people have to say, this is a breath of fresh air; especially to all entrepreneurs. Wishing you continued success and blessings.
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    Wow – great job. You’re proof that the secret is in the list!
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    Looks like I'm going to need to work a little harder on the list. I love seeing stories like this. It just makes larger numbers seem so much more obtainable.

    I've thought about trying out the stock niche. My Grandpa's email is filled with these stock things and he'll sign right on up sometimes. Lots of older folks with money to burn in that market.
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    Could you give me your e-mail I want to ask you one question? (I cant PM you because of my post count)
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      Congrats on your success mhdeaton... you're an inspiration !

      A question though: Do you any Affiliates to bring you traffic and sales ?

      Get Instant Access to over 500 PLR, FREE Resell Rights Products Now!
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    well done on the success.

    this has really motivated me do start doing what you are doing and build a list. how do you get traffic to your page?
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    whats your sites url anyway, I want to join that list "wink,wink"

    thanx for sharing and inspiring

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    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

    Great Offers, All The Time, Just Ask......
    Currently Looking For Affiliates for Solid Converting Life Insurance, Finance, Lending, Credit/Debit Card, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss & Other Self-Help Offers Ready

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    That's great! Too many people aim for large lists when really they should be focusing on the actual methods in order to gain subscribers. This results in better quality and ultimately higher conversion rates.
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    wow, dont you just love it when something just works.

    You are probably in a good niche and have tested your email AR sequence.

    Kudos to you. You must be using a good traffic source too. Congrats as your hard work is paying off.

    Must be in the stockmarket niche ?
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    Thanks for the post, quality really is more important than quantity.
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    That's incredible! Anyone care to link me to this ARM 2.0 that you are talking about?
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    By the term small list, please define what the total number of subscribers you have.
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    That is a great list you have there keep up the good work!

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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    Nice work keep it up bro...
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  • Nice post. It always helps to show value.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Anderson
    Wow amazing story! Yeah, offering value before asking for anything is def the way to go.
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  • Profile picture of the author itrepreneur
    That's inspirational. My current target is to earn $300 per day. To date I've made $7 !!
    Also I don't have a list!
    However with what you've done has shown me there's light at the end of the long IM tunnel.
    It's also shown me I need to build my list.

    I'm a keen marketer/ web designer/ learner!
    My latest site - http://cheap-plr-articles.com/

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    Wow! thats a lot of money with a tiny list, I would like to hire you to create great content for my list.
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    Congrats...base on this stats, it looks like your list is really targeted!!!

    Build more of such traffic to your list and im sure you will be able to earn more...

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  • Profile picture of the author magnates
    that is amazing >>> just 30 people a day = $400 . Autoresponder must be hard to resist. i cant believe that so few people can make you a consistent income

    Well done .Congratulation .Care to share some words of wisdom ??
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  • Profile picture of the author Oliver Williams
    Have you considered doing some list swaps and solo ads to grow your list? Which would in turn build your revenue. $400 per day can be scaled up.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    That's great! This is a random question but what theme do you use for your sites?
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  • Profile picture of the author iDesigners
    Great, congrats.

    That's stephany always says in her teachings that it is not FANS but SUPER FANS matter, for they keep on purchasing from the same buyer
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  • Profile picture of the author Tonylee93
    Great to hear! you are making a success and it sounds great as well! Congrats and I hope you keep it going! Which emailing system adid you start with if you dont mind answering that, I would like to get started on building a list I just don`t know which emailing service to use
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  • Profile picture of the author mhdeaton
    WOW I came back and I cant believe how many people are interested in this... Here's the great news folks. Im just the average Joe. Seriously I got as video camera, my writing is probably at a 10th grade level at best and I don't even work that hard. Don't even think about MY niche it doesn't matter. The key is, 30 people a day, maybe 45, maybe 100 - At one time when I was doing PPC I was getting close to 200 a day. Now its like between 30 and 80 total daily probably average 50 subscribers daily. AND A big list of 30,000 - HOWEVER....

    These days when I send an email with a video and great content Im lucky if I get 1300 click thoughts on 1 single email - so my responsiveness has definitely been degraded over time.

    TESTING - Im a horrible tester, I'm envious of people who have the patience to test. I will tweak and observe but Ive never done a split test in my life.

    First and foremost Im a total product slut, I have been buying sh@# for so long not just internet marketing crap but Im a total sucker for a good sales letter.

    If someone gets my attention and interest and then they follow thru with powerful hard to believe copy and follow up with proof - I'M SOLD.

    The only reason I may not buy if if I just bought something else!!!

    That said I really feel like I know what people need to hear and see to buy.

    AN ADDITIONAL HOWEVER - I have written some crappy sales letters and I have written some good ones. Most were probably fair at best. The cool thing about what I did with this so far 11 part email series is that when its time to ask for the order they are 99% sold so a killer sales letter isn't mandatory.

    ** Early on I saw the value of the list. I remember my first website I did in a sales letter format even though it was just a free download - I used google PPC and drove expensive traffic to this dumb sales letter - and within short order i had 500 people on my list and they got 1 welcome email (serious follow up) :-)

    Then after like 2 or 3 weeks I had 1500 fresh people that had downloaded my freebie and I made a sales letter to sell an information related product and I think I made like $7,000

    I will tell you at the time my HTML skills were LOW, my copy skills were LOW LOW, and overall my look and feel sucked.

    I did sleep in my office some night and for 2 years I got up at 5am every day and worked til 8pm at night. (But I loved every minute of it.)

    My first year online I made 6 figures. If I could show you what I sold with you wouldn't even believe it.

    As an internet tribe we have come far in 5 years!!

    Anyway I say all that to say this - Don't wait, just do it - write a headline and make a video now get people to opt-in to a series where you promise to deliver something. Even if you don't know what it is - I promise by the time you need to deliver it you'll be ready.

    Organize on a yellow pad what your going to give up up front(put your best foot forward) and then document on the same yellow pad what you will sell.

    Plan on 3-10 email depending on... and START.

    The only email that needs to be ready now is #1 !!!

    Gotta go for now my kids are killing each other.. :-)n
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  • Profile picture of the author Brandon Mack
    Great News mhdeaton,

    I am sure my wife must be related to yours, the similarities are uncanny!!!

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  • Profile picture of the author mhdeaton
    O Ya how is that B.Mack ?
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  • Profile picture of the author Petroley
    amazing!! keep it up
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  • Profile picture of the author vlada111
    Maybe you didn`t see my reply few days ago, I asked you to PM me your e-mail so I can ask you a couple of questions if you don`t mind And I have some offer for you
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