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I had a domain name that I lost.

Somebody else had it for a year.

The site had a one page (home page) with links to other sites.

I tested it using different pages with the domain name and all the links took to that main home page.

For example: if I used: or they would take me to:

When I had that domain name I had links all over the web.

I started using the domain with SohoLaunch sitebuilder that used .php then changed to RV sitebuilder that used .html.

How can I do the same when I recover that domain name?

That is if somebody clicks on any of the many links that I had placed on several forums, classified ads, traffic exchanges, safelists, etc. if the have my domain name without any importance to the extension, they will land in my website.

Thank you.



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    Any url sending visitors to the home page sounds like the work of a 404 (page not found) error handler.

    Though I'm not completely clear about your questions. I can suggest in general you would regain any previous SEO benefit the site had from incoming links be recreating the same site structure, so old links again find the page they originally linked to, a second choice is to setup a 301 redirect for each page that had an incoming link, sending the visitors to some new page, most of use have Lenux sites where the redirect scripts can be pasted into the .httaccess file.

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      I will try to be more helpful by trying to explain what I want.

      Although, Webapex, you might have answered my inquiry.

      I had this website with several pages. Each page was promoting a different service or product.

      A guru would had used a different domain name for each product or service instead of a main domain name for all of them.

      I offered free offers, the link would be:

      .php when I was using SohoLaunch Sitebuilder.

      When I changed to RV sitebuilder that same page was:

      If the page was dedicated to satellite TV.s movies it was: (or .html).

      For the year that the other person had that domain name, and, for example, when I placed the url in my browser and clicked it, I was taken to that person's home page of

      Since those pages don't exist anymore, I want to have all those "urls" driving traffic to the home page of

      I have another domain name with some of those pages:

      Can I redirect those original to that domain?

      Apparently, the 404 page could be the answer.

      Although I have been for several years online, I have always used easy sitebuilders, and don't have much technical experience working with the tough stuff of sitebuilding.



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    It seems some redirection is being placed. If it is fixable . If you have the domain under your control along with host login info , get a webmaster to fix this problem . Write a job description exactly what you need then ask him to fix it .

    By the way changing pages file name like extension you will loose the SEO value and may be in trouble . SO better you hire someone knowledgeable in SEO .
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