Best link harvesting program?

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Looking for anyone with advice on link harvesting programs such as Scrapebox or IM Samurai. A friend offered to buy it for me since I built and maintain their business site for nearly free,but I know nothing about them to be honest.Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,and thank you in advance-Vernon
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    I use Scrapebox and it is totally awesome, I'm not familiar with the other application, so can't comment on that. I couldn't imagine working without scrapebox and for the functionality, it's incredibly low priced. Just make sure you understand how to use it, because in inexperienced hands it can do more harm than good.
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    Yeah scrapbox is good. Before you buy, you might try some scrapbox blasts from highly reviewed people on fiverr and see if it helps your rankings.
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    Originally Posted by petefader View Post

    ScrapeBox is way to go, PM me for a cheap one
    Your post history (or should I say "spam" history) has been reported!

    To the OP, yes while this spammer is correct, you don't need to PM him for a "cheap one"

    Their discount link is

    Instant 40 dollar discount, available to everybody.
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    "Who's That Guru" = Internet Police

    He was a spammer and a scammer?!

    Well done.
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    I'd prefer not to see the same exact post in every thread I open. Especially not these stupid 1-liners..

    That isn't being the "internet police", its called keeping the forums clean.

    Make your jokes all you want, lol I dont care.. If I can stop at least 1 person from being screwed over by someone, then there is nothing to apologize for.

    Maybe you will see it my way one day.. Maybe you wont. Either way, good luck to you as well my friend.
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    Thanks for the help fellow warriors.....this already has some good posts! Who's that Guru,Rob,and Harrison.Seems like a good deal for me,probably some instructional videos on youtube on how to use it.Thanks again!
    Take Care-Vernon Lee

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    I used scrapebox for some time but found its effectiveness has decrease in the last 3 months.
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    Interesting....I wonder why it has become less effective recently?Thanks for the advice.
    Take Care-Vernon Lee

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    I can't see 'how' Scrapebox can become less effective. If you're on about using it for mass blog spamming then, well yeah... probably. But... what do you expect?

    However, Scrapebox is a tool that can be used for ALL kinds of things... such as research... extracting URLs from all kinds of search queries... checking bulk PR etc etc. The list goes on. So, in what way is it becoming 'LESS' effective??
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      hi, recently i owned a scrapebox. and know how to find good blog list for blog commenting. how can i check and get the backlinks list of a specific website with scrap box?? can any one tell me ?? or is there anyone who are good with scrapebox and can find blogs for me??
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