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I am trying to decide which strategy would be more effective for me as a newbie launching my first product. I would really appreciate some input as to which you think would be better, bearing in mind that I have limited time and resources to accomplish this.

Scenario 1

Initial (Special)
1) Launch product with just e-book and bonuses
2) Keep the price low
3) Recruit affiliates during sales process (both in the book and on sales page)
4) Vet and approve affiliates – affiliate program to go live when Full Product is launched
5) Inform buyers they will receive a free update to the Full Product
6) Keep launch open for limited time
7) Marketing

Full Product launch

1) Send affiliates all information required for marketing, swipe files, graphics etc
2) Product includes e-book, bonuses, videos and other training material
3) Inform them of launch date and time
4) Mail existing buyers and give them access to Full Product download
5) Activate sales page
6) Price higher
7) Launch
8) Marketing

Scenario 2

1) Launch Full Product with e-book, bonuses, videos, other training material and bonuses
2) Price higher
3) Recruit affiliates during sales process (both in the book and on sales page)
4) Vet and approve affiliates as an on-going process
5) Send affiliates all information required for marketing, swipe files, graphics etc
6) Continue marketing

Thank you.

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    which platform do you want to launch on? WF? Clickbank?
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    Hi Diane

    I'm not speaking with wisdom and experience here as I'm just getting ready to launch my own first product. But, for the record, I'm going with Scenario 2.

    I think however, it depends on the product. I never really felt that mine would benefit from the launch of an e-book and whilst I considered it for list building purposes, I felt it would just take up more time to create an e-book. My product is digital content and I have spent nigh on a year developing the resource, so I didn't feel that an information product as a pre-launch would necessarily build me the right list. I also didn't want to spend time writing an e-book when there was still work to be done on the product.

    I also feel that as my product is a little out of the ordinary, my best bet will be to launch it as a WSO and see what the Warrior re-action is. If it's well received here, then that will help me with my ongoing marketing ... if not then it's back to the drawing board.

    Anyway that's me, with my product, my circumstances and my ideas. Every person, every product and every circumstance is different. what works for one may not work for another, and only time will tell whether my approach for my own product will be the right one.

    However, I do think that there are some launches that benefit from a taster.

    My advice would be to carefully consider what you think will work best in the market you are tackling. If you have a gut insticnt, go with that.

    Good luck
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    I think I would go for a smaller launch at first.

    This could useful for attracting affiliates but more so for testimonials and reviews from real buying customers.

    The feedback you get would also allow you to tweak your product for the better

    This track would also give you more time to create affiliate tools and test the copy used so you have some conversion stats for your possible affiliates.

    I will be using DigiResults, but was thinking of using the WF for the Scenario 1 Special, and then taking it back to my website for the second phase.
    The Warrior Forum is a perfect platform to get your initial results.

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    Yeap, just test it here on Warrior Forum as a small launch, especially to get some feedback from real buyers and see how you can improve your product and see how people react to it.
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