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I am just getting ready to put up a new site to sale an ebook, this is my first time
and I appreciate all the information that I have read here on the forum.

My question is how do I go about charging to sell my ebook, I have considered going thru click bank but if I want to sale it another way, I would like to save the money that I would be paying thru click bank.

Also, how do I go about putting the link onto my website, does clickbank, paypal, etc. furnish this to you and how would I add this to the site.

I am using the XSite pro

Thank you
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    What you can do is set up a paypal account (I actually use Alertpay) and accept direct payments using a payment button that you can add to your site.

    It will let you set the name and price and even the style of button to use if you want to use theirs. then it will give you an html code to link to your order button. you just have to go to your html editor find your order link and insert the html there and save and your good.

    you'll want to test it and make sure it works.

    hope this helps

    Best Wishes,
    Daris Page
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      Thanks , with alert pay does the person have to have an account with them or can they just purchase the product without needing to sign up for an account
      Thank you
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    This is a great in which newbies, including myself, would like to know. Thanks for the imput!
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      you can also try . ..its the same thing as clickbank the difference is that you can promote x number of products without paying any set up fee like clickbank charges. they take between 1$-3$ depending on the price of the product.
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        A cool think about paypal is that people don't need an account to pay you, it can go right through there with their credit card.

        Paypal is so common, most people online seem to have it these days anyway.


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          customers are allowed to pay without an account with alertpay just like paypal. it works pretty nicely
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    Originally Posted by l

    Registration page:

    Use promotion code:

    I just tried it, and it worked.

    No payment info required.
    I signed up for this this morning and can attesat that it works. It gives you the option of being paid through several merchants.There is no opt in, they took no credit card details so oou can try for three months and cancel at any time

    la dominatrix

    Two ninja Internet Marketers spill the beans about making money online success even if you don;t know where to start now.

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    If you are going to use PayPal you need to setup a Premium or Business account in PayPal (it's free) ... then login and confirm your account by adding a credit card and/or bank account.

    Next, go to Merchant Services (link at the top of your account page) and create a payment button... There are additional features within this area you can use to redirect a successful buyer to your download page on your website.

    You can also redirect unsuccessful payments to another page... I just redirect back to the main sales page for this.

    Copy the code PayPal gives you and insert that in the HTML of your sales page wherever you want the payment button to be located.

    Test your button and your done this step.

    Mike Hill
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    Most people using pay pal now a days. So sign up with pay pal account.
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    You can use paypal like what the previous few posts have mentioned. Create a button, and you can get the code to add to your site. Easy as that.

    Nicholas C.
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      Use PayPal.

      (e-junkie is great if you have several products as it makes editing and keeping track of things easy).

      But to begin with use paypal. You can set your price, customise your payment button and when the transaction has been successful then you can re-direct the customer to a URL of your choice where they can download the product instantly.

      -------------------- Video Tutorials with PLR or MRR

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        I would avoid using Clickbank at the begininng. I have used Paypal for years and still do on some sites. It is very easy to get an account. I have recently gone to Alertpay for all new sites. Paypal can be a 900 pound gorilla at times and I have grown tired of some of their arbitrary policies that AlertPay doesn't have. At any rate, since yours is a new product, it is unlikely you will get any affiliate action so save yourself the 50%-75% commision and sell the product yourself. Hope this helps.
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