How I helped my affilates make sales today!

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Over the last few years I have been using a product called slideshare which allows me to turn my powerpoint presentations into a movie I can embed in my pages like youtube etc.

In a recent release they have now allowed you to also add youtube videos into the presentations.

Last night I uploaded a generic video demonstration on youtube for one of my products and then got some affiliates to wrap there own testimonies etc around that video in a powerpoint presentation and they also included their own links.

What this new addition has done is take the power of video marketing with powerpoint presentations and created a whole new way of delivering it and also provided a way to help affiliates market my products with a new twist.

Want to see a sample of what it looks like. I made this quick test powerpoint and embeded a video of Matt Cutts.

Its nothing flashy but very interesting concept.

Be interested in your comments.

Enjoy Quentin
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