Which days of the year are your most profitable?

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Hi Warriors,

I had a good day with Amazon sales yesterday (by my standards anyway..) and it led me to wonder whether the legendary festive season upswing had begun. To me it seems too early for this to be the cause but as I didn't have much of an online presence this time last year I dont have much to compare it with.

I also thought that perhaps there was another reason for the good result so I'd be interested to hear which days of the year are the best for you, and for which types of activity?

*Of course the sales could always be due to my unmatched and comprehensive knowledge of how to dominate Google....but I highly doubt it.
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    Amazon has a bunch of pre-black friday deals going on in addition to the launch of the Kindle Fire. So they're experiencing higher than normal traffic. Does this happen every year? Yes, sorta. I don't know the magnitude.

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    I tend to make more money when I promote during paydays! That said, I tested this several
    times. I often test almost every aspect of my business so I know where to put my energy and resources.

    Holidays are also very good but that depends on what you're selling.
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      Originally Posted by Warrior AT View Post

      Holidays are also very good but that depends on what you're selling.
      Based on these industry reports, online businesses that are hoping to take advantage of this year's trends need to start building up their online presence for the holidays now.
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    Thanks for the feedback,

    I've done some further research on Google Analytics and it looks like 3 of my sites have started ranking really well for a long list of longtails, even though their positions for their primary keywords haven't changed.

    I can only guess that this is due to some further Google update of some sort.
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    For me, i would say two weeks before Christmas for online sales.

    My rationalization is that the week before Christmas is slower because customers who have left getting their presents to the last minute will not buy online (delivery takes time etc..)

    Sorry I cannot be more specific!
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    For me would be Oct - Dec.
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    Black friday. Holiday season, sales coming out of my ears and if you can't make a profit then i don't know what to tell you!
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    Well I have the most profit on holidays because most of my sites are on that niche.

    A way to promote a blog is to submit blog to BlogsAvenue.Com and another site for blog submission is BlogrollCenter.Com.

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    the days were we direct lots more targeted traffic or do a campain.

    More traffic = more sales = more profits.

    pretty simple really. but there is alot of work to get to that state. These days we reverse engineer some of the bigger gurus or popular niche sites and that normally has some very good results.
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    I haven't seen any kind of trends . . . i have a Christmas oriented site and the sales have not picked up as yet. still waiting to see if that will change
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