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I'm looking to use C Class IP Hosting | SEO Hosting to make a blog network for mostly seo purposes for one of my money sites and I just want to make sure I understand how to use it right.
I want to host it on that site but buy my domains on godaddy because they are cheap and I basically have used the site enough to be comfortable with he. Process.

So I want to host on cclassiphosting and register the domain on godaddy, so do I just buy the domain and point it to my site through some option on my godaddy account. I just don't fully understand his whole aspect of webhosting.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

If anyone has any comments on this host or the idea of multiple ip hosting I would love to hear them. It seems like a good idea to me.
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    Obtain the name servers from SEO hosting where your domains will be hosted and update Go Daddy with this information. Within your Go Daddy account, there will be a Name Server section where you can update Go Daddy with the name servers for SEO hosting.

    This should point you in the right direction:

    Setting Nameservers for Your Domain Names - Search the Go Daddy Help Center

    Hope this helps!

    Elizabeth Fee
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    Well, the multiple DNS server scheme won't work. *****NOBODY***** cares about how many name servers you have, or their address.

    As for the technique? Well, for SEO, it isn't legal. The higher up hosts, or IANA may do an audit, and take back the IPs! For things like SEO and blogging, they say to use NAME resolution. THAT is why IPv4 addresses are still available. If everyone had their own IP, there would have been NO IP addresses available LONG ago!

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