List Building - What is it? How did you do it? Lets hear your story...

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So "List Building"

First what is it? I heard many great things about it and I would like to hear your story.

If you can turn the hands back in time with list building, what would you do differently? As in to be more effective by building your list. Lets hear your story I am curious with everyones responses.

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    List building is nothing new. It is no different than what smart salespeople have been doing for hundreds of years: putting a list of potential clients together, a.k.a. leads.

    You can build a list many different ways online. You could have a squeeze page that offers something for free in exchange for contact info. Buyers of your products should also be automatically added to a mailing list, as they too are leads... hot leads.

    If I could turn back time, as you said, the one thing that I would have done differently was to focus on list building from the get go. I started in 1998 and did not seriously start building lists until much later. This literally cost me millions of dollars.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      Now that is valuable piece of information to know. The fact that starting list building from the beginning is important. Now another question is how can you be effective on building your list fast?
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    Originally Posted by DetourWarrior View Post

    Now that is valuable piece of information to know. The fact that starting list building from the beginning is important. Now another question is how can you be effective on building your list fast?
    One main thing is that you have to make a compelling offer...but don't offer too much.There should be a balance of being highly interesting and for them to remain on the list. For example you can offer something like a 7-day course in which the subscriber will get a new email everyday for 7 days on 'how to do something'
    After the 7 days are up, you could market them a much larger, more-in depth course that will bring them to the next level. If the free course has truly helped them, people will be more than willing to grab avail more.Then you could tell them that you will give them more useful gifts from time to time...but make sure you keep the promise.You could join some PLR or resale right sight and find quality stuffs that you can give away now and then...That would be a good factor for them to stay.
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      Originally Posted by thekaver View Post

      i use to build my list using free wso i now use facebook pages and facebook ads!
      Facebook is a good tool as well thanks for the info! How long have you been using facebook?
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    One thing I have done is stop focus on building my list fast. Sure, we all want tons of leads fast, but quality is better than quantity. I make sure all of the traffic to my squeeze page is very targeted and I work hard to keep them happy and responsive.
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    Anytime you have ever entered your name and email into a form on the internet YOU became some marketers lead and ended up on their "list".

    The reason we as marketers always stress the importance of building your list is because you can market to your "list" of leads forever via email marketing.

    "The money is in the follow up" is another one you'll hear a lot about. It's proven that most sales are not made the first time someone comes across your website. So if you don't make a sale the first time they find you, you simply don't make the sale at all.

    When you are capturing your leads and building your list, you can continue following up with your prospects, build credibility and trust with them, and then make sales.

    This is just a quick explanation... I could go into much more detail but this is the gist of it.

    What is Tidom? It stands for Time Freedom. Review How to Get Tidom in your life

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