Non-US Warriors: Do you use Public Domain works produced in the US

by kumar
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So I got really excited after understanding what Public Domain is and how it can be used to create a multitude of products.

But can I, as an Indian, use works deemed as Public Domain in the US? I went thru several resources online incl. the Berne Convention, US and Indian Copyrights and the WIPO (lost a bit of hair going thru it!), and I *think* I can use foreign PD freely (except some parts published by the Federal Govt).

For the knowledgeable folks, India and US are both signatories to the Berne Convention and WIPO.

I've sent an email to the US copyright office, but I don't think they'll entertain this query.

So do we have any non-US warriors here who are using Public Domain published in the US to create and sell products? Please share how you are using them.

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