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I am new to amazon and abit confussed on the reporting. Hope someone can help me:

When I log in it says under

"ordered items" (3)

"under earnings summary" total items shipped (1)

In my total earnings it is only showing the amount earned from the 1 item shipped.

When I look in earnings report it shows the $13 earned from the other 2 things in the "revenue column" My first item shipped for $1 or something is showing in the "advertising" fees column.

In summary I am just wondering why the $13 is showing up in the earnings report and not in the earnings summary when you log in :confused:

Secondly not quite sure why some show in "revenue" column and some show in "advertising" column, the later was a product I was not directly promoting - is this the reason they are listed like this :confused:

Thanks if anyone can help
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    The amazon earning stats will show you both ordered items (not shipped yet) and shipped (sold) items. The ordered items are "pending" so to say. As soon as they get shipped to the customer, they'll be added to your revenue. These two positions are divided because sometimes the customers cancel their orders.

    As for the other thing - whenever you send a customer to amazon with your associate ID they get tagged with a cookie going back to you. I don't remember how long the cookie is valid, but if during that time this customer buys anything from amazon, you get the commission for it.
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    The "ordered items" are simply the items that have been ordered in total but haven't yet been shipped.

    The "shipped" are those that have already been shipped to a buyer so fat this month.

    It does it like this so that if an order is cancelled before the item is sent, you don't actually get the commission. When the item is sent, it shows up in the "shipped" so that your commission is confirmed.

    The earnings summary is a quick showing of the items that have actually been shipped and confirmed for the month. However, when you click on Full Report to get to the earnings report, it only shows your orders from the previous day. You need to chance the "pre-selected period" in order to show you the "month to date" in order to see exactly what those total 3 items are.

    The "Revenue" column is the amount that the product was actually sold for and the "Advertising fees" column is the amount that you have earned as a commission for the sale.

    Hope this helps a little.
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      thanks again robert and nathan, your replies were great and really helped
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    thanks for the answers Nathan and Robert and good questions Money. i was a bit confused about this myself
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