I am Sorry Paul and The Entire Warriorforum Family. . . With a Heavy Heart

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I don't know where to start.

Last week I saw a thread by Paul Meyer in which he was alerting members about the fraudulent PMs floating around but I didn't bother to check it out and when I finally did just now, what I saw is really heart-breaking.

I am a Nigerian and I know what this means to my image. Sometimes I don't like telling people here that I am a Nigerian for this same reason of being labelled as a potential scammer and I bet a lot of others don't. But would I deny my country? If I do, it means I am denying my own mother. God forbid!

When I joined this forum, I saw some people making good remarks about King Shiloh but today, the reverse is the case.

Every where we go, people tend to label us scammers,even the good ones. Paypal and Clickbank do not want us. No thanks to this idiots who paint us black.

Even when you have good intentions, people see it the other way. My American half brother refused to help when we needed it most because he felt that we wanted to scam him and this led to th death of my mother. At that time there was no money to take my mother to the hospital.

I feel so miserable at this point as if its a crime to be a Nigerian. I know how hard it took me to get to where I am now. I wouldn't know IM if a Nigerian had it with him. He will hoard it but I thank God its not like that.

I remember coming here to seek for knowledge and opinions of people about adsense for domain and I titled it : 'adsense for domain is making people crazy in Nigeria'
. Google it. The reason was that at that time, a guy was deceiving and milking people dry and the result now is that it is even harder for a Nigerian to have a Google Adsense account. This guys are bent on making life miserable for others and I know they wont go unpunished.

I called my friend to tell him about the alert a few minutes ago before posting this and his reactions isn't different from mine.

I know what it means to be scammed as my own mother was a victim at certain occasions. But how bad can it be when the whole world sees you as a potential scammer just because you are a Nigerian?

I don't think I would want to do any business here or run any wso because doing so would mean I have to tell people that I am not a Nigerian and that is something I do not want,denying my own country.

Please, if someone ask for money from you and you feel the need to give, ask that person what skill has he got. Make him work for that money if you really want to help. It could be writing,blog set up, backlink,seo etc

Am sorry, folks. Really, I am.
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    Sounds just like what King Siloh would post and he ended up scamming others.

    Lead by example and forget posting your dismay.
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