Top 7 Places to Outsource your Work

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

Many newbies and pros alike tend to attempt doing more work and/or devolop more skills than are really necessary. Pinpoint what your strengths are and apply your talents where you can. For everything else marketing related, there are others who ARE talented and will do work for you. You can leverage your time wisely by outsourcing. Below I have listed the top 7 places you can go to find people who will do the stuff that you either don't know how to do, or just don't want to do. Of course it costs money, nobody works for free, but the benefits can easily pay for themselves over time.

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    Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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      Originally Posted by dfs_dean View Post

      This should definitively top the list, especially since you are asking on this forum, because you will find not only helpers, but more people knowledgeable about Internet marketing (IM). In other words, writing and submitting a press release is one thing; writing and submitting a SEO (search engine optimized) press release is another. You want to make sure that what you get is working for you, and IMers can help with this

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      Originally Posted by dfs_dean View Post

      Warrior Special Offers Forum

      Some people sell their service in WSO forum too.
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    fiverr's not so bad
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    What about
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    fiverr's good - but check people's track record first!

    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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  • Profile picture of the author JMSD for value for money. However, email the seller, first, to ensure that you and they speak the same language.

    It may be cheapest service for outsourcing but if you have to to-and-fro getting them to understand the basics, it can work out very expensive in time and productivity.

    Also ask them questions relating to your type of work before you commit. Once graphic designer gave up when it was clear he had no idea how to create 3d ebook images to place on a header! I didn't ask for a refund but have learned a lesson in the process.

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    Those are good places but the quality of work seems low on Odesk - at least recently for me. I personally like freelancer and sometimes Fiverr. I also like to outsource some work on popular IM forums.
    Marketer In Training
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    Thank you for the useful info.!Actually I had never heard of either VWorker or Getacoder,,so I appreciate the list.I am rather leery of Crazy's...I mean Craig's list;but I guess many use it without hassle on a regular basis.
    Take Care-Vernon Lee

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    fiver is cool, you get allot of crazy stuff in 5 bucks )

    Lowest Possible Price Servers-

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    fiverr FTW
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    fiverr is professional?

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    Is fiverr the best?
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      Originally Posted by Fery Tyo View Post

      Is fiverr the best?
      i don't know if it's the best, but you can get everything there..
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    I am using Fiverr is also good. But check feedback before order
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    I started to use fiverr too. You can find almost any outsource option there with a very affordable cost. Usually I sorted them in rating order first.
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    Warrior For Hire has a lot o quality if you look around.
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    If you are looking for a long term work relationship, you may find great workers at and

    But if only for project based type, odesk is a very good place.
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    I have to say that I've had decent experience with You just have to make sure you do your research and read the ratings/reviews of the person you want to purchase from.
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    I have to agree fiverr is a good place to look to outsource work however you do need to be careful
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    I want to give another vote for
    I think you should consider that adding in your list
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    My opinion on these sites is pretty much aligned with the OP. It is also good to take advantage of the more specialized services online which are not necessarily accessible through a network.
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    I recommend to outsource your work as well as But is dominated by India, the rate is really cheap but there are some problems with the output of their work. So I go for Odesk and
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    I've had positive experience with Online Jobs but only after a massive learning curve and plenty of mistakes. I'm making a wso to help others avoid those pitfalls

    It does depend on the type of VA you are looking for, eg full time/part time or project work only
    I've used Fivver for small projects and Odesk for bigger - again, learning what to avoid is important
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    hmmm nobody mentioned my website ...

    It is okay I forgive you

    Just kidding.

    There are too many freelancer websites (I would divide them into two groups).

    Big jobs (develop a website / app / ... etc) probably Odesk , Freelancer, and Elancer are taking the lead (Try to outsource small job for minmum of $50 on Elance )

    small jobs, fiverr and few other sites
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    nice resources guys, def helps!
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    My favorite is still fiverr and also websites similar to fiverr
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  • Fiverr is nice for some quick backlinks. oDesk is my favourite for getting some "serious" contractors though.
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      Excellent thread!

      Ever since my first read of the "4hour Work Week", I've thought that outsourcing was the way to go.

      I know what my time is worth to me and I like to use this technique whenever I can get a decent return on investment.

      As other have said, and I agree, you really have to work with your outsourcer or you may wind up spending more time (and money) just trying to get them to produce what you thought you ordered.



      Debt Free since 2017!

      Well a guy can dream, can't he?

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    Fiverr's pretty good for some things.
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    fiverr, that place is a gold mine, and also the guys here on warrior.

    If you know and learn how to use these place, you will be set.
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