Have You Ever 'Failed' Doing Something That's Already Been Done?

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Hi guys,

I really need to ramp up my income from IMing over the next month or 2 - long story, but basically we were defrauded of $60,000 (all we had) a few years ago, which through that event has caused us to now be out of pocket a further $100,000 on top of that. We were supposed to be receiving a 'so-called' settlement of about $70,000 in the next few months but I've just learnt that certain people are now trying to wriggle out of that .

My husband & myself have decided that we're just going to have to try & forget about the money for now (still chase them though) & put all our (my ) efforts into the IMing to help try & get ourselves back on track.

I currently have one ebook site that has done quite well for the last couple of years (& another that doesn't do so well) & have been playing around a bit with bum marketing over the last few months (going reasonably well, but I'm starting to think there's a bit too much work for the return it gives).

I have many ideas for new sites, but have settled on 3 in particular for the next few months. All 3 of them aren't anything new, but will have a USP to help separate them from everyone else - PLR memb. site, IMing memb. site (specific IM niche), & classified ad site (non IM niche).

Anyway, my question is have any of you ever ended up with a 'dud'/unsuccessful site just doing what everyone else is doing? For example, there are heaps of blogging guides out there, so if you may have set up say a blogging guide & had it not convert very well...assuming it had professional sales copy etc.

I'm just wondering as I think I'm suffering from a bit of 'analysis paralysis' trying to work out which one to go with first.


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    Hi Rachel

    Yes you really do semm to be suffering form analysis paralysis. Just read your post and pretend you don't know the author ...

    I sympathise, but nothing you have written until the last paragraph "Anyway my question is ..." means anything to anyone. So nobody can help you and you're wasting your time (& theirs) with that stuff.

    As for your question ... again think about it. How does the answer "yes, I once set up ... and it was a complete lemon" (as we say in the UK) or "no all my sites are super successful" going to help you!?

    But don't worry ... stand back, take a deep breath and ask a question that can really help you. For example you may want to know:

    How do I determine which of these niches is best for me to start with?

    How do I know if there is money to be made in a particular niche before I do any work in that niche?

    My site XYZ.com is not working, what do you think is wrong with it?

    OK Rachel, Get the picture!

    PM me with your email address and I'll send you the download link for a video (free to you) of a recent webinar I did. The webinar is a pure info-only training session for website promotion and success.

    The webinar covered some of the issues that determine website success including how to work out if there is money to be made in a niche.

    Part 2 of the webinar is on Wenesday. See my link below.

    Good luck
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