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Hi guys,
I really need your help, I am just not getting any traffic to my site. I've tried a couple different things from purchasing links to google and facebook ad's which hasnt really done a lot. I am getting 10 and under view's a day so I know what I am doing is clearly not working.

my main page is watchtvshowsonlinenow com but my key focus is on a secondary page watchtvshowsonlinenow com tvabroad where I am promoting an affiliate product. The reason its on a secondary page, I wanted to try and get google and legitimate products for my home page

Any tips and strategies would be very much appreciated and please dont hold back I really need to get this site generating traffic and money.

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    What are your main keywords?
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      Originally Posted by xedric View Post

      Well, why not hire an SEO guy to do SEO stuffs for you? Free traffic is really great and lasts forever, not like Paid traffic, you will be only live for a couple of days when you set your amount of budget.

      Nice subtle plug there.

      Anywho, I do encourage you to look around and spend time in the SEO part of this forum, there are some nuggets.
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    I dont really want to post my keywords... As for an SEO guy I would hire one but I really don't know who to hire. I have seen people offering that service for ultra cheap on odesk to people being ultra expensive on here. If i could get a referral and someone at a reasonable rate that will do the work and teach me I would gladly take that route. I have been going at my sire for 6 months with pretty much no success.
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      Originally Posted by Anna Watson View Post

      I dont really want to post my keywords... As for an SEO guy I would hire one but I really don't know who to hire. I have seen people offering that service for ultra cheap on odesk to people being ultra expensive on here. If i could get a referral and someone at a reasonable rate that will do the work and teach me I would gladly take that route. I have been going at my sire for 6 months with pretty much no success.
      Under 10 visitors per day is quite dismal. Here's what I would do if I were you.

      Do some keyword research to find some high traffic keywords that are still possible to rank for.

      These keywords must be well thought out. Keyword research in my opinion is the most important step in SEO. Do it wrong and you will either have keywords you can't rank for or keyword that get no quality traffic.

      Once you get these keywords ranking in the top of Google you should start to get a decent stream of traffic.

      Keep building on rankings and expanding your keyword base to keep building your traffic.

      As for hiring SEO teams, in my experience hiring an "SEO Expert" from oDesk has been a bad move. You often get people who just spam out your links or use rubbish software that doesn't work.

      The best way to hire through oDesk is to have a deep understanding of SEO and then you can hire each person based on individual tasks to piece together the puzzle (article writer, guest poster, blog commenter, etc).

      We can help with all your SEO if you like, just PM or email me -

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        Hi Dave,
        I'm going to PM you
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    There are tons of ways for traffic generation. The really important thing is taking action. I suggest you read this article which shows you 110 traffic generation tips to market your website. Learn and take action. Good luck.

    110 Traffic Generation Tips To Market Your Website | Internet Marketing with Aurelius Tjin
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    I would start writing free articless and press releases that are keyword rich. You can write free articles at and you can write press releases at these are the best 2 that I personally use.

    You get to provide links back to the site you are trying to get traffic to.

    Here's how it works in a nut shell:

    Interested prospects find your articles and press releases when they go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... and search for the keyword phrases you are targeting (if your content is good enough). They read your article or press release, and click on the link you provide that takes them to your website and BOOM you've got traffic.

    You also get backlinks to your site from the article and press release websites which will help build your website link credibility with the search engines.

    This is of course just ONE of MANY ways to start getting more traffic that WORKS.

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    I would tackle this situation in 2 ways:

    -first conduct some keyword research to find easy to rank for keywords and which will bring in quality traffic
    --I don't think you need anything more then Google keyword tool

    -second write some content around those keywords and post to article directories and then to your site
    --backlink those posts on your site through social bookmarks, press releases and etc.

    This is a very basic solution to your problem. But like everything if you don't have the basics in place then you cant really build on top.

    Once thing you might want to test are the keywords you are currently using. Perhaps these keywords are not converting keywords. A quick way to test this aspect is to create a small Adwords campaign and do some quick testing.
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    What's your ranking? Building quality links to let it rise to the top. Do keyword research & target those that have a decent number of searches.
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    I think we're missing something pretty important here. Do you know what your bounce rate is and the average time on site?

    That kinda data is what you really need to be taking a look at right now and if you're seeing an average time spent on site under a minute, then you really need to start thinking about engagement rather then generating more traffic.

    You're only going to generate a lot of traffic through G organic and in order to do that you need to start thinking Post Panda, ie. bounce rates, return visitors etc

    I'm not sure what you're trying to do with this site as well. This page here is targeting general keywords like "the walking dead", but your site sounds more like a provider of free internet tv channels where someone can watch The Walking Dead for free -

    Straight away if someone landed on that page, they would leave straight away as they're getting no important information that they haven't read before. That means short time on page, which will result in a negative effect on the rest of your site.

    I say target keywords more like "where can I watch the walking dead online", which has low competition and a search volume of 1000. From there you can drive them to your offers more easily.

    Plus I bet you'll see a decrease in your bounce rate and possibly an increase in return visitors which G is starting to take seriously post Panda.

    Rip it up!
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    I have a quick look at your site. Many things actually you need to improve your site to get organic traffic . Your site is nearly 9 months old . Only a few pages are indexed with very low number of incoming links.

    Keyword Research & Selection
    Optimize Current Pages
    Fixing some issues with your current page SEO elements
    More content
    Building Links
    Promoting your content
    Social Media Profile Creation & Management
    Paid Advertisement (You are doing as you are also not getting traffic it seems your keywords also not relevant )
    Niche Masterly - Get Revenue Generating Keywords For Your Niche Site.
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    1. Use Google Keyword Tool.
    2. Search for keywords getting under 1000 searches a month related to your site
    3. Check the search results in Google to see whether anyone is ranking for those terms with the phrase exactly in the title
    4. Create 300-500 word articles with those keywords in the title and body
    5. Get cheap backlinks off onehourbacklinks, fiverr (don't go overboard) or roll your own via article directories
    6. Rinse repeat

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    Anna - I PM'ed you someone that I have used here on WSO for SEO. He is good and reasonable. This is quick way to get you jump started. You will need to do some of the things yourself. Fiverr has some things that are decent but the 10,000 + backlinks on Fiverr will not get you page one.

    You will still need to make sure you site converts and I have not checked it out. Chris above has good suggestions. Also - Internet marketing is not get rich quick unless you really know what you are doing which is about 1% of the people.
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    I agree with Chris Webb on this one. Go for the less competitive keywords and start small. Once your site has some pull, then you can move on up to the bigger keywords. Make sure your site is properly optimized and do what dadamson suggests. Research research research!

    Dream Big. Start Small.

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    Agreed, would be a good place to start
    Letmeknowseo.comSEO News and tips From real SEO'ers!
    Linklicious- Get your links crawled, so they can count
    SEO Black Book By: R.L. Adams An Insider's Guide to the SEO Industry
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    You can get instant traffic if you pay for it. Doing back-linking, writing articles, doing SEO will get you traffic eventually, but it takes time. You can try doing email drops by paying someone to mail to their list for you.

    Please read the forum rules.

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    You've got a quality site from what I've observed. I believe you have content which would naturally accrue links over time provided you give yourself at least some initial promotion, not necessarily from the search engines. Although, you should be targeting some keywords, otherwise you will basically have no wind in your sails regarding SEO.
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      Hi Anna,

      Have you tried optimizing the keywords you use? Doing keyword research can really help increase traffic to your site. Incorporate it in the content you are making.

      Aside from doing SEO work, here are some things that you can try to get the amount of traffic you need:

      Buy Ads

      I know that your paid advertising method failed. Try buying ads on email lists from people in the same industry. However, buy only buy the ones that guarantee clicks on your link. This way you will know each dollar will send traffic to the site and the email will precondition the buyer making conversion easier.

      Reciprocal Links

      It would be best if you can get reciprocal links with websites with high traffic and good rankings.

      Engaging in Joint Ventures (JVs)

      People want to do business with other people sharing the same interests or launching similar products. This is why JVs is becoming popular. This can help you build a relationship with other Internet marketers that will increase your traffic and web exposure. If people can see that you can supply the traffic needed to make a huge sale, you can even get higher commissions. Also, you will get a lot of offers from other internet marketers offering to link to your site.

      Hope this helps!

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    Did u targeted the wrong keywords?
    I m saying coz I did that...I targeted keywords with monthly search vol. of

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    I would do twitter blasts for this site....I could easily drive 1000 hits from twitter daily to this site and have some viral action very quickly on this one.

    But that's just me

    Looking for a good paying Adult CPA affiliate program? Sign up and start getting paid

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    First of All You Should Selected best targeted keywords according to Your Niche! Google Keywords Tool is the best tool for selecting the relevant keywords according to your Niche! After Performing Complete Meta Settings You Should Focus on Qualitative Content! Unique and fresh content is the key!

    After On Page Optimization, Focus on Theme based Inbound Links! These Links Could be attain Through Forums Postings, Blog Commenting, Article Postings, RSS feed Submissions Etc!
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    Using FaceBook could bring you good traffic. Don't pay FB Ads and link them directly to your Website. Instead, drive visitors to your FB fanpage.

    Good luck!

    ATTENTION: Do you wanna make up to 100$ a DAY with 20 minutes of super-easy work?

    It's never been easier. Send me a Private Message for details.
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