How do you manage your money?

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I'm starting to make a good income from internet, thanks God.

But the problem is, the more I earn, the more I spent.

Well, hopefully, this will be temporary only.

I know 'lust' is one of the reason make people buying your product, hopefully I can control my lust on spending money.

Anyway, what's your best way on Manage Your Hard Earn Money?

I'm still finding the best way (that suit me), to manage my money.

Hopefully I can get plenty of helpful advice here while continue my searching on the net.

Raja Kamil
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    you can invest it into share market or you can do fixed deposit,Mutual funds.there are lots of things you can do for managing the money.
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      Hi Raja,

      Congrats on your growing income, perhaps you're doing something properly.

      Managing your money may be just as difficult for someone as earning it. But the situation is not hopeless.

      I suppose, you have a business plan, and that has a part where you're dealing with your cash flow (at least it should be). That is a lifeblood of any business, beeing either Coca Cola or Average Joe's website.

      In that cash flow plan you need to anylyze your permanent and continuous sources of income, and also the permanent and continuous expenses. I can hardly enough to stress the 'continuity'.

      Of course, every business need to aspire to make a positive cash flow. Consequently, after a proper anylysis you'll be able to see where and how can you fortify the income side and where arises opportunity to reduce your expenses.

      Anyway, managing the end result money, I follow my principles. One part of my income goes to fill the expenses, one part is investment into my business and myself, one part is for my living, and one part is going to reserve.

      All the best,


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    bank it...I wouldn't trust a non chartered operator, 6% zero risk, cant beat it

    put it in the bank and lock it in for 12 months variable.

    even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there

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    i think this problem is not related anywhere with the internet or or any other thing..this is your personal problem. if you are not having the habit of saving..i think you have to invest the money anywhere. so that you will save something
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