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I need an urgent help. I have a blog which i use facebook to advetise and has been bringing in some spikes of income daily. But today i got an idea tested it and with about $2 i have made $31 revenue.

But the challenge is that i have reach my bandwidth limit, this is because of the videos on the site which many of them are watching and downloading. How i can overcome this?

I mean being able to get unlimited downloads without my site reaching limit. thanks
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    you have to talk to your ISP if they have the internet plan which is suitable for you needs.
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      Sounds like you might be scaling up. With that kind of roi, you may want to look at amazon aws and ezs3.

      Amazon is free to a point and ezs3 has a trial.
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    Change your internet provider to something bigger or upgrade the existing one.

    A way to promote a blog is to submit blog to BlogsAvenue.Com and another site for blog submission is BlogrollCenter.Com.

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    This has nothing to do with OP's ISP - it's his hosting account that is reaching it's bandwidth limit.

    Either get another hosting account with a greater bandwidth allowance, or host the videos on youtube.
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    You probably have one of the basic hosting packages as people mentioned above. I had to this with my blog that I have hosted with Godaddy. They easily upped my bandwith with a different hosting package. All I had to do was call customer support.

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    Talk with your ISP to upgrade your hosting plan
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    like rosetrees says you need other hosting with greater bandwidth
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    Host the videos with Amazon. Absolutely!
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    I think you can also consider embedding video to your website from
    other source like youtube or other video sharing sites. Although I
    have never done it, I think if you do this, the visitors can still watch
    videos on your site, but this will be not eating up your bandwith.

    Check if this is doable, as I have only heard it from other marketer,
    and did not do it myself.

    After all it is the truth that matters the most.

    Get the truth and right direction for Your affiliate journey.

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