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Hey guys,

I am getting started with writing my own PLR, I am very excited with jumping in (finally) just because it should be a great experience! Could anyone point me into the right direction on how to write PLRS and Best ways to sell PLRS (Promoting them)? Thank you for your time!
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    I would suggest that you get Tiffany Dow's PLRATM product. It goes through how to set up a PLR business step by step.

    PLR ATM Official Site By Tiffany Dow

    If you have specific questions, you can always PM me and I'd be glad to help, since I just set one up following Tiff's plan. : )
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      I bought this as well, and can say you will learn a lot. I buy a lot of my PLR from Tiffany and learning from her will help you.

      Originally Posted by JennyBizz View Post

      I would suggest that you get Tiffany Dow's PLRATM product. It goes through how to set up a PLR business step by step.

      PLR ATM Official Site By Tiffany Dow

      If you have specific questions, you can always PM me and I'd be glad to help, since I just set one up following Tiff's plan. : )
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    It is suggested you choose a popular and profitable niche to write so that your effort gets well rewarded. You can set up your own website or sell your product in the forums.
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    I've seen many PLR selling well in the WSO section of this forum.

    -25% WF PROMO CODE: "WFPROMO911" (expires on 1.1.2012)
    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    I also recommend PLR ATM, as well as Become A PLR Writer by Peggy Baron. I have used both and they each have great tips for your PLR business from the beginning to more advanced stages.
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    One of the best pieces of advice ever received about building a PLR pack was to make sure that it gives a unique spin on the subject that you are covering or that your PLR (if it is article or content based) uses keywords and phrases that have not been overused.

    One of the most overused keyword phrases in the consumer finance market is "credit cards for no credit" or some variation of it. Using a little more time to focus your keywords can make a huge difference in how successful your pack is for someone. And that success if what will drive future sales.


    The number of ideas to use in content is odd--and 3 is too many.--Timo Everi

    Content to Copy--AdWords to E-Books

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    I am another PLR ATM fan. Tiffany's video portion helped tremendously with the technical website set-up.
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    Great advice.

    Research the competition. Before I start any new venture, I spend hours researching the competition.

    You are going to need:

    1. A website. Wordpress is the most popular. If you are on a tight budget, you can do your own site since WP makes it pretty easy to use.

    2. Host your site. Check out hosting companies. Many people are happy with hostgator and their prices are reasonable. Search this forum and the internet for hosting companies.

    3. Write your PLR content before you go live with your site. No need getting the site online before you have products available to sell.

    4. Set up a paypal or similar payment processing program. Paypal is used often and very easy to get started.

    5. Write down your marketing plan. Research that phase of the business too. How will you sell your products? Who is your target market?

    6. Consider social networking to promote your business, i.e. Twitter, Facebook fan page, etc.

    That's a start.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with Ruth and Jenny. Both of the products mentioned are great at helping you sell PLR. As far as promoting it, open a website from which you can offer your packs, build a list, and offer WSO's every now and then.
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      Like any other product, a strong USP can make all the difference in the world.

      One of WF's most respected PLR sellers, Tina Golden, has managed to do just this by providing very specific types of PLR article packs like "ClickBank Product Reveiws" and "Amazon Product Reviews."

      Develop a strong USP about what sets YOUR PLR apart from, and above, just any ole' PLR article...

      The Recon Report
      Reliable Results, Predictable Profits
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    Beforehand you should try and get a good knowledge of what PLR is used for. I know you are newish to IM so I thought I should point that out.

    You already have my email. Shoot me an email and I can give you my free report on using PLR if I haven't already. It is basically a summarized version of my email course you signed up for.
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    I agree you will need to have your own website and some samples. Most of the PLR I buy is directly from a WSO though. Since I don't sell it myself, I can't tell you whether most sales would come from your own site or a WSO. Can only tell you where I buy it.
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    Tiffany Dow's course is a must if you want to succeed with PLR. By following her course is how I was able to start making money. I would also like to suggest Nicole Dean's program. If you google her name, you will find her site.

    Take a look at the websites of other PLR sellers to get an idea of what's being offered and how you can make yourself standout/unique.

    Best wishes for much success!
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    Yup, get Tiffany's PLR ATM if you want to learn about plr and setting up a plr business.
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