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What have you guys found is the easiest way to get ranked for long tail keywords that have no competition?

Do you setup a blogger, do a squidoo, article, etc - what's been working for you, I'd like to know?

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    If you have domain you use your
    own domain as a core. If not
    than use blogger or wordpress.

    Than create articles to redirect
    the traffic to them.

    Add classifieds postings
    that promote your core

    Use web 2.0 to promote
    your articles and classifieds
    as they are usually autirity
    sites and have better
    chances to rank in search
    engines like Google Yahoo,
    MSN and other.
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    Create a piece of content revolving around the keyword or key phrase you want to rank for.

    Sites with high pr always work best for the operation you have in mind.

    - Ezine Articles

    - Squidoo lens

    - A blog post in your blogging section from this forum could be used - if it's related to online business.

    - Your own website:

    - Naturally original content works best.

    - You should find a way to get a bunch of one way links to the content in question to help it get and stay in a high position at the SERPS.

    Here's a thread that should help you. Do check it out.


    Hope this helps!


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    For long tail keywords with little competition just have the keyword
    in the title tag. So if you're targeting "ways to lose fat quickly"
    you would want that exact phrase in that exact order to be in
    your title tag.

    Ping the website/article/lens and link to it using social
    bookmarking sites.

    Rinse and repeat.

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