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Quick question here. How do backlinks work in relation to folders on your root domain?

For example, if my main domain is a review site, lets call it www.MyReviewSite.com, and all the backlinks pointing to it are around the anchor text "review site."

Now, I'm adding on a section about a new niche which reviews this niches products... let's call it niche one.

So now I have www.MyReviewSite.com/Niche1 and the anchor text I use to direct to this is around "niche 1 review"

So my question is would these backlinks affect these pages separately, so that my niche1 review links would only affect that location, or will it be "spread out" over the whole site? And vice versa with the root domain.

A little bit hard to explain, but I hope this make sense.


I want to know so I know if I have to register a new domain or if I can just use a review site with folders and still get targeted links.

On another note, how does this same question apply, except using addon domains instead. (niche1.myreviewsite.com instead)
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    in my opinion the building backlinks to
    one website may result in a wasted time.

    I would build in subdomains and expand the niches,
    use google webmaster tools and blogging
    rather than pay too much attention to the backlinks.
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    Hmmm, I think I know what you're trying to ask.

    Google (when it comes to PageRank) evaluates each individual
    page separately. However, each page can pass on PR
    to another internal page. So on your root site make sure you
    have backlinks with correct anchor text for each niche.

    However, when it comes to ranking, PR isn't all you need to
    look at. Google evaluates the entire site as a whole and
    categorizes it. This is known as a websites "authority".

    If you have one review site targeting multiple niches your
    authority rating will be relatively low, since Google has no
    idea where to categorize it.

    As for your second question, subdomains don't really matter
    when it comes to ranking, in my experience. It doesn't matter
    if your site is niche1.site.com or site.com/niche1

    However, your root domain has an impact on SERPS. Try
    to snatch up niche1review.com if you can. It will have
    a significant impact.

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      I'll add to what Matt said...

      So when you build links to your root domain with the anchor text, "review site", as long as there is follow links on that page to the niche1 page, the niche1 page will get extra spider activity - so I consider that a benefit.

      The same if you're linking to the niche1 page and it links back to the main page, some spider activity run off will occur and benefit the site.

      Not only that but links to any page on the site from quality sources will improve
      the less tangible element of "authority" or "trust" of the domain, and hence help
      all pages on that domain even if ever so slightly.

      So I think to answer your question specifically - it won't directly help your ranking of one page by building links to another but in more subtle less direct ways, it definitely helps.

      I hope that's helpful.


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    To get a simple anser to this question, go to google and type in "Click here".

    The first link you see is this... Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions

    Not a TLD, just a folder INSIDE a sbdomain on a domain..

    Hence proved backlinks affect pages separately


    P.S. I was actually looking forward to talking to you on Skype... Could you please drop by? I've already tried adding you...
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    Originally Posted by Avery Berman View Post

    So my question is would these backlinks affect these pages separately, so that my niche1 review links would only affect that location, or will it be "spread out" over the whole site?
    Yes. Backlinks affects the pages seperately. If www.MyReviewSite.com/Niche1 has more backlins, it will rank higjer than your root domain.

    Go to webmaster tools > register an account > Dashboard > click on site name > Statistics > Crawl stats > Scroll down > you will see ' Your page with the highest page rank' > You will see your most ranked page for that month.

    Also you will see backlinks to that page.

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    well go ahead and build links for each of the subpages and try to promote them as well..............
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    Thanks for the responses. That's good to hear. So I can get different pages to be ranked by different terms.
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    Yes. It is generally its a good idea to have different pages in your website targetting different keywords then build the links with the corresponding anchor text to those pages.
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