Paypal 45 days refund is not valid for WSO/digital product(?)

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I have seen many guys feeling secure about payment through Paypal when buying IM products as Paypal has 45 days dispute/refund policy.But,when I went through their TOS closely,it shows they have no protection for digital products.Am I missing something here?
How do I qualify?

Claims made must be for physical goods that can be shipped
Purchase was made with PayPal as a payment method
Full price of item was paid in one single amount via PayPal
Your PayPal account must be in "good standing"

What's not covered?

All vehicles
Licenses and access to digital content
Airline flight tickets
Real estate
Businesses for sale
Prohibited items on the "PayPal Acceptable Use Policy"
Other eligibility requirements and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions.

================================================== ========

Please share your experience regarding disputes in Paypal while buying digital content or service.
If someone says, he will give you 100 links and gives none,will the refund claim stand in Paypal?

PS:I was almost about to be scammed by a service provider here in Warrior.Hence,all the hard work.
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