Deciding what to promote?

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One of my biggest problems is deciding what goods or services I should promote. Anybody have any good ideas or systems on finding good products to promote? I don't want to promote any junk. Thank you.
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    What type of products do you want to promote? Tangible or intangible?
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      Originally Posted by jeffreyhuan View Post

      What type of products do you want to promote? Tangible or intangible?
      I admit I had to use the dictionary to actually understand this.

      Tangible: Discernible by the touch; palpable - known as physical products.
      Intangible: Incapable of being perceived by the senses - known as info products.
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    If you find something that isn't junk because you have tried and like it, and it is something that you think some other people would like, that little bit should get you off to a good start.
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      Conducting market research is a critical part of becoming a successful marketer if you intend on promoting affiliate based products or your own products and services.

      You need to place a severe focus on four critical elements to researching any niche market:

      1: Whether there are desperate buyers in the market who are eager to purchase a "solution" to an existing problem.

      2: The size of the market (how many buyers are currently purchasing products or services within this niche)

      3: Existing competition within the market. (You want competition, it means a viable and active market, however you need to ensure that the competition isn't so thick that you will struggle to penetrate it)

      4: Quality and Quantity of the products in the market (you want to focus on markets that are evergreen and offer an abundance of products to promote for your marketing campaigns.)

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    I think you should start by thinking of your Market.
    THE MARKET and not THE need to understand that to sell a product you need first to have a market because there you can find clients. Better is to forget about the best product to start with and focus for the market. Never start by trying to decide what products you're going to choose for selling online because products don't buy from you, people do! So, first focus on a target market of people.
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      Once you got the MARKET as mentioned above then you can...

      1.Find a product to promote that shows interest. It is fine if you do some keyword searches before time to practice, but your first priority is finding a product.

      2.Conduct multiple keyword searches to find out what search terms people look for when searching for the product you plan to promote.

      3.Make sure the product is HOT NOW. You can do this easily by visiting the Clickbank marketplace, which ranks products according to how well they sell. If you find a product you like, but it is at the bottom of the list, or has a bad sales page, do not bother moving forward.

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    Thanks guys. Very helpful.
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    Many times when I'm trying to decide what to promote, I think more about HOW I want to promote something. If I can dream up a great way to promote something, I'll then go find an offer or product that fits in well with my plan. It's kind of reverse thinking.
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      You have to decide whether you want to promote psychical or digital products or even both and then work out a strategy of how you're going to put the numbers in your favor. Pick products you like or have a knowledge about and use the Google tool keyword tool to look for specific items with low competition and a healthy amount of monthly searches.
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    I think its your personal decision of what product or services you want to promote, because no anybody knows your interests.

    If you have some products to sell use fiverr and ebay to generate profit.

    If you want to promote any services to generate profit. then make a profile of your services on odesk or with any other outsourcing company and offer your desired per hour rate.

    to your success,

    All the Best!
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    Is there a product in your niche/market you use and like? Start there. I started earning consistently promoting products I use and like.

    Look around your home. What lawnmower do you use? Any new big purchases recently? Any IM courses/products you have and like? Any software you use and like.

    You could build an entire online business promoting stuff you've bought.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    I have certain method down pat and its part of my free e-course. Check it out.
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