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by Rupps
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I have been out of the IM sphere for quite a while now. I have quite a few domains which over time are dwindling in SE ranking due to lack of marketing, updates, competition, etc.

I would like to hand-off these sites to my wife and am trying to create a marketing plan of action for her to follow.

What I am looking for is some sort of daily/weekly/monthly plan of what and when to do certain tasks such as submit articles, backlinks, amount of social marketing, etc.

I am open to ebook suggestions on this topic as well.

If anyone can provide help / suggestion I would appreciate it.

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    Don't know about ebook, but she (both of you) should read Outsmarting Google by Evan Bailyn, it goes for less than $20 on Amazon (no affiliation). It is an awesome guide on IM.

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    I send you a Internet Marketing Plan. I will work awesome. This Plan maximum takes 2-3 months to complete.

    There are two types of Advertising Strategies, FREE and PAID

    FREE Advertising

    1. classified ads posting (1000+ Classifieds sites)
    2. Targeted Blog Commenting, link building
    3. E mail marketing
    4. Yahoo Answers
    5. Google Answers
    6. FaceBook, Twitter likes
    7. Social Media Bookmarking

    Paid Advertising. (you must pay for it to the particular site like Google)

    1. Forum ads postings (2000 Forums)
    2. Google Adwords,
    3. Price Per Click (PPC)
    4. Video Marketing on Youtube
    5. Ebay and Amazon
    6. Article Submission on Blogs
    7. Ezine Solo Ads (1000 solo ads has $2.67 cost), read link

    It will give you more benefit, traffic and profit.

    Best Regards,
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      Two ways you can go here.
      1. Automation
      2. Outsourcing.

      Automation is great if you want to spend money on softwares and learn them

      Outsourcing is great if you have time to spend training people.

      There is a third option.
      Outsource to people who have automation tools, and know how to use them and just make sure that you have a safe and sensible approach to link building.
      You can find those type of people on and you can choose the best ones by their status as top rated sellers.
      My advice would be to focus on quality content, diversity of your backlink strategy and avoid the juicy gigs that offer link pyramids with thousands of backlinks etc which look good and are good if used correctly...but unless you know what you are doing with them might delay your progress significantly.
      Sometimes less is more.
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