How to Upsell From Squeeze Page?

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Hey Guys...

Can anyone help me with this...I am at the moment planning t create a membership site using amember, for a course I am offering!

However it will not only be a stand alone product...I want it as an up-sell too, to a free viral report that covers the basics..and this is the Issue, how do I set up the re-direct from the squeeze page to the pitch page of the up-sell that offers the membership for $59.99?

Now I know about doing it from AWeber.. BUT again this offer is for a membership site using amember, plus I want a down-sell in place from the up-sell offering the same membership as a recurring billing for $4.99 per month if they turn down the original offer!

How can I set this all up, I know that clickbank use a feature called *Pitchplus*, but this system is for vendors that want an up-sell in place from a PURCHASE, mine's a squeeze page so I don't think I can set up the payment process using Clickbank....can anyone help please?

Thanks John.
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    what you do is you dont set the upsell on the squeeze page as you just want them to enter your email address on this page!

    After they have confirmed there email you will then have then directed to a download page for your free product!

    What you do with this page instaed of having the free product download on this page you want to have the upsell sales page here!

    If they buy the product they will then be directed to a page to download the free product and the paid product.

    if they choose not to buy the upsell they should be a link on the page saying something like "I dont want to take advantage of this offer please take me to my free download" ovious a bit more scare tatics used


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      A great suggestions, but I would say take it a whole step further in utilizing something along the lines of WordPress' membership systems.

      First, create a page with either your download link or have the page itself contain your content. Make the page viewable to members only.

      Then create a form and have the onsubmit for the button not only send you an email with their information from the form, but also direct them to a paypal page for them to pay for the product. The paypal name/processing lend credibility to your product.

      When you receive the email, set them up an account on in WordPress so that they may login and view your "members only" content. Then reply to them email welcoming them to your site, and include a link to your "members only" page enticing them to view their new content.

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    My method is like this:

    Squeeze page ==> Thank you page ==> Download page

    The "thank you" page has this text on it (except for the big Thank you, etc. in the header):

    "A confirmation e-mail with '[XXXX] Please confirm your download' in the subject line has been sent to your e-mail box. It should arrive in about then minutes. In that time, please browse these great offers below:"

    - offer 1
    - offer 2
    - offer 3

    And that's it. If they buy, I have another opt-in form to a separate list do divide buyers and non-buyers (using the "unsubscribe if the lead subscribes to" automation option of Aweber).

    Additionally, not sending them directly to their e-mail box to look for the confirmation e-mail prevents people from being distracted by other e-mails they can get before your confirmation e-mail that they can then neglect.

    The [XXXX] is a way of branding your e-mails (I use either the acronym of the program name, list name, or just my initials). Your subscribers can then easier identify e-mails coming from you.
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      Hey Guys cheers for all of your support!

      I see a recommendation in there for Wordpress....can any of you guys recommend the best membership site software....also how would I offer my membership as a down-sell to anyone declining the up front fee in the up-sell, by then offering the same membership as a recurring billing of $4.99 per month?

      I hear Clickbank have actually done away with *payment plans* because of too many cancellations?

      Cheers Guy's John.

      PS Guys the link in my sig... actually goes to the squeeze page can any of you also give me any tips on improving it?
      All experts have the keys to success! I'm on a journey to bring them to you...

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