How to make a sale in 10 seconds or less

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Ok, as you all know, I'm a copywriter, so I'll go ahead and give you guys 1 of my little tricks that I use to increase conversions for clients--or you can do this for yourself if you're a copywriter and sell your own products.

Here's the trick: You have less than 10 seconds to grab the attention of visitors to your website or you've lost any chance of making a sale, so there's no secret that your headline is the key to intriguing them and keeping them on your site.

As marketers, we all know that testing is the key to increasing your sales, so here's a proven way to know that your headline will work before you ever put it up:

Go to, type in the name of your niche and find the articles will the most digs. Once you've found it, take the headline and tweak it to fit your particular product---almost 95% of the time my clients report back to me an increase in sales.

So why does this work: Well it's been tested already. There's a reason why the article has a lot of digs---people are clicking on it because of the headline, so by grabbing it and tweaking it to fit your product, you already have a proven winner.

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel or spend hours or weeks trying to come up with something that may or may not work. Go for what's already been proven to work in your market and those digging the articles are most likely in your market.

Believe it or not, a lot of successful marketers employ this same method--just try it and by using stuff that has already been tested to work, you'll grab the attention of visitors to your site and have them sold in 10 seconds or less!
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