health and fitness niche.. Best form of monetization?

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I recently think i found a group of keywords that may be untapped in the fitness niche.. I see some competition in these group of keywords but doesn't seem too hard to beat them out.

For the successful IMers out there in the fitness niche, what's the most lucrative form of monetization are you guys using out there? Whether it be Amazon, Adsense, or Clickbank.

Thanks warriors

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    I use adsense on the majority of my sites but know that amazon product reviews can be very effective in the fitness market.
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    Thanks for the input.

    Have you ever tried using clickbank in the fitness market?
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    I'm not actually selling in the niche; but I am starting to become a user in the niche. I would say that the big thing that I am looking for right now are good supplements or workout regimens. So go for a mix of amazon and Clickbank (if you can find something good enough).
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    I've never heard of Fraser before(usually work with Bruce), but I've been with SellHealth for about 8 years now and although some years are better than others, I've made over $200,000 being a SellHealth affiliate promting their genf20 and vigrxplus products. I agree that affiliate marking is the most profitable if your niche has an existing product to market... otherwise you're stuck with the traditional membership,ebook sales, and/or adwords model...

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    Clickbank is my go-to in the fitness market. The major players have just optimized their sales pages so well that they're hard to beat in terms of EPC.
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      Amazon has a wide array of books, videos, supplements, exercise equipment, and products to choose from.
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