How can I describe an outsourcing job without giving to much information away.

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Hi All

I am looking to have a WP Plugin developed and have been looking at some outsourcing sites.

My problem is I do not wish to give to much detail in the description yet I do not feel this would be fair to those wishing to bid as it may require more work than they realise.

Would be it better to ask people to message me for more details before bidding and should they sign an NDA before hand? Or I am just to suspicious that someone will produce the plugin before me if I list the details?

I have tried to write a description without giving to much away but I am finding it really difficult.

Thanks All

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    you could outsource parts of the project to different developers, and bring it all together for the finished product. i know its easier said than done but just a suggestion
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    Instead of using different parts, you can begin with a basic outline of what your overall goal for the plugin will be and then have them quote on the basic design. Once you have chosen a designer renegotiate the project as it goes along making sure that you compensate the designer for the changes you will be making.


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    Having them sign an NDA is the way to go. In your project description, you basically reveal the overall concept of your project; and let them know that a more detailed description of the project will be disclosed after they sign the NDA.

    Go with your instinct and only reveal the details with those you've built a rapport with. It will be during this "rapport building time" that you'll get a feel of who to hire.

    Lastly, have the service provider sign a Non-Competing/Non-Circumvention Form basically stating that they can't go out and build the same thing for themselves or someone else for at least "X" number of months. I do that for all my software projects and have never had a problem.

    Hope this helps

    - Jay
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    PM me and I will give you a legal Non Disclosure Agreement in word document that you can make your own...
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