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hi everyone

i have an Ecommerce site that i have been trying to get ranked in google for the last few month now i'm nearly there i don't think i have any confidence with the actual site does any one know someone on the warrior forum who they think would build me one that i feel better about.

most of the people i see are all about affiliate blogs.
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    I've built a lot of eCommerce sites, what's wrong with yours, what platform is it on, what are you trying to achieve? Link?
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    Crosby. Why are you unhappy with it?

    Have you tried oscommerce or prestashop ?
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    What is your Domain Name? so we can take a look at what you have...

    1. need to know who you are hosting with? - not all hosts are created equal, especially the bargain basement and free hosting accounts. more often than not these rely upon a sub-domain structure or worse yet a sub-domain structure. The major Search Engines don't think much of someone who isn't interested in investing in a REAL hosting service. These free/bargain hosts are generally viewed as "hobby sites" and while you can get ranked even here it generally takes a lot more work and a lot more time to get a lot lower ranking.

    2. What is your hosting platform? - cPanel is preferred

    3. What is your development platform? OSCommerce and many others will allow you to build an ecommerce website, but unless you have a huge inventory I would recommend that you look into WP Ecommerce, a plugin for Wordpress. this will allow you to build an integrated Blog and Ecommerce website where the product pages appear as blog posts to the search engines.
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    Hi Crosby,
    It's pretty difficult to give you advice if we don't have anything to go off of. Can you post your site URL so that we can take a look and give you some suggestions?

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