Awber Vs ARP3 (AutoresponsePlus)....??

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Hi Warriors...
Well here's the big question... I have a very reliable hosting provider ( and need to make a decision about which email list/autoresponder service to use.

So... in your honest opinion can you tell me the pros and cons about Awber Vs ARP3 (AutoresponsePlus)??

Many thanks,
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    Now that's what I call a response! Thanks Jeff!!!!!
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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post


    Really, the bigger question is whether to choose an autoresponder service, such as Aweber, or self-hosted autoresponder software, such as AutoResponse Plus.

    To answer, are you willing, and able, to:

    - Install the software, maintain server security, etc?
    - Deal with spam complaints?
    - Deal with your ISP if they get complaints?
    - Get and keep your server whitelisted with major ISPs?
    - Create SPF record(s)?
    - etc.

    And if you are willing and able to do those things, at what opportunity cost? Is there something more productive you could/should have spent that time doing? Is that time worth the $19.95 per month to you?

    yup.. he pretty much said it all.
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