Is Allen's Ultimate Affiliate Strategy Still A Good Plan

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I read Allen Says, Ultimate Affiliate Strategy thread back in 2008. Is this still a workable strategy, with all the changes that have happened since then, like panda, ect.

For those that never read it, it was a strategy to build a lot of sites, blogs, whatever, on a niche, like weight loss, with several pages of good content, and a free pdf report, to get visitors email.

Then set up an autoresponder with 100 messages, to go out once a week, with an affiliate link for a related product in each one.

Is anyone using this strategy successfully?

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    Is anyone using this strategy successfully?

    And it's still working today. Remember, though, when you use someone else's strategy, you still have to make it your own.

    In other words, you still have to test, track, and tweak your conversions.

    You still have to promote your website.

    You still have to treat your business like a business.

    Since I don't rely on Google for my traffic (they are roughly 5% of my traffic), I don't give a fig about any of their updates. I get far more traffic from my viral content, social media websites, and advertising, to name a few.

    But the basic strategy is very sound and still works today. Just bear in mind using a strategy does not exempt YOU from treating your enterprise like a business.

    Lastly, I prefer to send out one e-mail every 2 days for 7 to 12 messages. Then I send out 2 e-mails per week. Of course, it also depends on the niche and product selection. It's okay to send out autoresponders for up to a year, you just have to stay on top of your product selection.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Personally think it will cost you quite some time. If you got it then just go for it. But note it is almost 2012 so all obvious domain will be taken, the strategy should be revised to this time. Like said before, go social. Try to get the facebook emails, as people often use their genuine email address when setting up an account.

    Then send them offers. Start with 30 then set up more follow ups when the 30 are done. Do this so you can minimize outdated offers.
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      Originally Posted by StevenJones View Post

      note it is almost 2012 so all obvious domain will be taken

      You must give up too easily. I find sweetheart domain names all of the time.

      In fact, I bought several of them in the last month.
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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