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Hello Warriors,

Here's information I found regarding Human Google Raters that you might find interesting: Google Raters - All About Google Quality Raters | PotPieGirl.com

This is more proof that we have to make good first impressions with our websites and to have quality content in them.

Can you share ideas on how you make your sites look good to people? How do you make your site attractive that it makes people want to stay and read what you have on your site?
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    It's pretty simple. Quality, engaging content. Easy navigation. Quick page loading. Attractive design. Does not look like a graffiti wall at an advertisers' convention.

    That's a good start.
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      Social networking widgets draw users in because it's often a format (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that they are already familiar with. This also allows an easy path for content management and updating.

      Another good way is through the use of media platforms. Embedded videos, flash elements for banners, menus, etc. can be simple ways to keep the visitor's attention without anything looking "cheap".

      Also, the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" is good to keep in mind. An image of a beach instantly gives the user the thoughts of vacations, beaches, and sand - and the mindset that goes with it - without you having to tell them to think of it.

      Simplicity is also a good rout to go. We've all been to sites that look like the Vegas strip - blaring, flashing content that nobody wants to see let alone read through. A perfect example is the Google search site. Simple navigation at the top, main content focused in the center of the page at the user's eye-level, and reference/copyright info tucked away at the bottom.
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    Find a web designer (or learn yourself) that knows jQuery... I know some if you need help in that department...

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    Bob, ive downloaded and read that Google rater PDF posted by PotPieGirl, its 125 pages long and makes very good reading. I couldnt help thinking though when reading it that Google has leaked this document purposely, so as the news spreads like wildfire around the IM and SEO world triggering everyone to tidy up their act and stop producing low quality spammy rubbish websites with backlinks on.
    There are around 30 billion websites that these poor old raters would have to read through on a regular basis which just isnt possible. I know Google have a lot of money but they would have to employ about a third of the worlds population to work full time following this 125 page guideline.
    Google can only police the internet by automation and i believe are losing control and running out of ideas. In my opinion they have purposely leaked this top secret sensitive document to virally scare everyone into taking a non spammy approach.
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      James90210, while you are correct that it would take an obscene number of people to monitor the entire Google database for quality, you may be forgetting one thing...

      Google has the capacity to see both the page being rated and the human raters' reaction to it. Aggregate enough of these datasets, and you can start creating mathematical models which can then be used to formulate more sophisticated algorithms.

      The fact that the link to the "secret" document still exists does tend to support your premise that Google wants the document to circulate. Even so, I am glad I have my copy.
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        sounds like a B movie from the 50's

        GOOGLE HUMAN RATERS! ... is your site safe?

        For me, I welcome them. There's still a lot of nasty looking sites in the top 10... I'm assuming they got there with clever backlinking.

        I think if you site looks good and has relevant usefull content, you'll be grand.
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