Can my website be a good read and convert well? Please give your honest reviews

by Chulbul Pandey 5 replies

Really appreciate your feedback on it.

Does this website look like where you would buy?
Would you return to this website?
any other feedback appreciated.. thanks
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    Your site looks pretty good to me.

    It is well-structured, and doesn't have too much going on. However, there are some spelling/grammatical errors which you might want to check out.
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    You site looks professional. I've read one review in your blog Blogging To The Bank Review, in my opinion that review doesn't provide me much information about the result. It is more like a product profile than a review articles. You can add some case study, for example what is the result or difference before and after using the product. =)

    That's just my own opinion, I do not if can help you or not. Thanks~~
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    Thanks a lot for your feedback guys...
    All the Reviews of latest product completely honest.
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    i like the "sharing is sexy", altho alittle redundant of icons, lol

    however, clickbank offer below ur title makes ur site looks sorta cluttery, is it possible to change it to text only so that your main article pics stand out better, just my 2cents

    P.S - "White Warrior" icon sorta blends too much into the white background. You should make the background darker to let your name stand out more in contrast.

    Goodluck bro!

    John P.
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    I found it very interesting and would like to suggest a proper format of reviews.. rite now they all seemed mixed up... best of luck enjoy
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