Help, I am chasing a good plr internet start blueprint

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Thanks for reading this.

If anyone can help I am chasing a good quality plr report on basically how to go about setting up business on the internet for someone who is in business but probably has only a crappy "business card" website (if that).

My clients are all in the therapies business (homeopaths, naturopaths, hypnotherapists etc) and I want to provide them with a good quality "blueprint" including all the usual stuff like autoresponders, accepting payment, OTO's, SEO, you know.

I would prefer to get a good one and rewrite it with case studies from the field I am in rather than just sell them an affiliate one.

If you also know of a plr report on direct marketing principles as they apply to business this would also be great.


P.S. I remember years ago when I was getting started online I bought Corey Rudl's course and it was great as I knew nothing. I kind of forget some days that there are people out there that don't sit up half the night trawling through im forums.
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