QR Codes: a growing trend or yesterday's technology?

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From ABC News:

Looking Beyond QR Codes

Looking Beyond QR Codes - Yahoo!


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    On its own QR is pretty useless...

    However with a creative imagination, just look at the possibilities in this Tesco example:

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    I think QR codes are just beginning their walk into the spotlight, I don't think they'll be going away in a while... there's a lot of major players backing this deal

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    i believe its a goldmine for mobile marketers, and they can easily be done on fiverr.
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    I recently read an article on QR Codes. I definitely don't think they're on the way out. You can cram a lot of info in the code. You can overlay your logo on the code. You can use it online or in print. You can embed your entire Vcard in the code or just the basics like your name and website. You can print business cards with your code. Should be pretty cheap for a one-color print job or you can do it yourself at home and leave them laying around. Find a unique way to use them, and everyone will be scanning your code.

    Like Sue said ^...it's the way to go for mobile marketing. Don't ignore the mobile markets. Do your research and get your sites and products plugged into that income stream. Best of luck!
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    They are pretty big here in the netherlands I see them alot for advertising in magazines on posters, billboards etc.

    I think they are a great added bonus for clients they are so easy to make.
    You can create them for free here QR-Code Generator
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