How can I get my multiple program downline builder?

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Hi Warriors:

I am looking for a program, if possible, already setup, where I can place my own money making programs, and build a downline, too.

This is like the generic downline builders where you have several income stream programs and you join them and place your username or url.

The problem with these downline builders, most free, is that they already have their programs, some allow for one to add one or two programs.

I want a system where I can decide which programs to have there.

I found one that is free, members can place up to 25 programs, but they charge $10 one time for the membership.

There are no referral commissions for getting others to signup with the system.

I would like one that if it has a fee, that there be a commission for referrals, better if with a mlm system.

Anyone knows of a program that offers the above?

Thank you.



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